The Body Snatchers of Berkeley Hills

Today I’m reposting a reader favorite from my early days of blogging.  Here’s to you Miss J – thanks for your loyalty and support !

This repost is applicable because I’m about to take another long plane flight.  Hopefully I will not return to the Body Snatchers of Berkeley Hills….(ominous music)

Body Snatchers

“Do you believe that her body looked like her?”

March 2013: I just got back from Hawaii.  Well, actually I got back a few days ago, but my head’s been stuck in a fishbowl ever since.  You see, my ears never landed.  That’s what happens when you fly with a bad head cold and your plane is forced to climb higher and higher to get over turbulence and then dive down to sea level.  Pop go the ear drums!

The effect is heightened by a night ride home on BART (the train that snakes through the city and under the San Francisco bay), arriving in your small town to discover no signs of life.  No signs of life, at 10 PM.  The streets deserted, the shops closed, dim lights dotting the black hills.  At home you switch on your TV and what’s playing? Invasion of the Body Snatchers, circa 1978.

Donald Sutherlan

A wise voice whispers: Whatever you do, don’t watch the TV!  

But it’s Donald Sutherland!  Certainly he’ll save the day!

Ok, my memory’s not as good as it used to be. The ending, if you’re feeling brave enough:

Part of my problem with long flights is, I’ve never gotten over the belief that I could fly.  That I could spread my arms and soar through the clouds, if my mind could just gain control over this lump of flesh holding it to earth.  Oddly this belief has always made me hate being suspended 37,000 feet above the surface of the earth in a large metal cocoon propelled by tons of burning fuel.  I’m never certain if, after a long flight, the same Jan emerges as went in.

I'm back!

“I want everyone to see that I’m back to myself again.”  Right!!!

3 thoughts on “The Body Snatchers of Berkeley Hills

  1. In the movie, Donald Sutherland’s friend tries to get some help on what is wrong with her husband. She says he is not the person she once knew. Donald offers these explanations:
    1. He is having an affair
    2. He believes he is gay.
    3. He has become a Republican.

  2. I just got back from my second round-trip overseas flight. It seemed much easier to fly to Amsterdam, stay up all day, and then get right into the new time schedule. Going back to Boise has proved much more difficult. Sleep has been horrible for three nights straight now. Can’t wait to get back to normal.

  3. Sorry to hear. I think you’re right. It’s easier to get over a night’s loss of sleep than to get back to normal once you return. Look forward to hearing more about your trip! jan

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