It’s hard to blog these days, hard to tweet.  It’s hard to focus on anything cheerful when the receptionist at your dentist’s office tells you she’s had to hide a copy of People magazine because it contained the faces of the New Town victims.  Too many patients would see those precious babies and break down in tears, making it difficult for the staff to get through the day (as you can well imagine.)  And now Boston.  I can’t even think about it without awakening antediluvian Jan, the one who wants to watch as the perpetrators are dragged down, down, down into the pits of meaningless despair, far from TV hype and courtroom sideshows, and so…


Cameron, a watercolor by Connemoira

I’m just going to post a portrait of another eight year old boy, mouth clutched tight to hide his braces, eyes apprehensively gazing towards the future where fairies, dragons and wizards await him – some evil, some good, but most an unpredictable combination of both.


Heaven, print by Connemoira

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