Release Anxieties

On Tuesday of this week I heard that my book FLIPKA had been released to Amazon by Booktrope Publishing.


You’ll probably think this is very silly but instead of elation, I felt like Fi Butters, dumped on a dark, abandoned desert road with no idea which direction to head.  Do I shout the news from the rooftops of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or wait to hear what the marketing plan is?  Luckily a refrigerator in bad need of cleaning distracted me (i.e., provided that hole for me to stick my head in).

This morning I was rescued from an existential funk by turkeys gobbling their silly heads off under my window (and I do not live on a turkey farm). Nothing reminds me I’m an idiot faster than the mating call of a wild turkey before the sun’s even shown her face in the sky.

Now I have the bad news.  Soon the marketing begins in earnest.  It will involve a release party I’m told and numerous contests where people can win prizes.  It will probably also involve having to listen to me blather on about my book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.  I’ll try not to get too obnoxious but if I am, just send in the turkeys.


The first prize will be a weathered looking leather journal.  The reason being, a mystery central to the plot of FLIPKA.  Below is a snapshot from poor Major Sebastian Olivore’s journal:

IMG_0568Please don’t ask me what the contest will be cause I don’t know.  Ideas?

Thanks to the entire Booktrope team for putting up with me, to my wise editor Cynthia White, spunky book manager Julie Serra,  the stellar designer team of Melody Paris/Kaira Paris McDade and to proofreader Cathy Shaw who was a lifesaver.  Thanks especially to Judith O’Dell for her amazing developmental edits early on, to my sister Jane, friends Carol and Kathy A., hubby Joel and daughter Bridget for being early readers and providing support.  To all my friends: thanks for being kind enough to express an interest in the project.  I love all of you!

4 thoughts on “Release Anxieties

  1. and we all love you and are so proud of your hard work and talent. !!!!

      Jane McKee, ARNP Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified 206 9499535   “You have the power to choose your attitude”


  2. Congratulations! And no, I don’t think your lack of elation is the least bit silly. Curbing anxiety, self-doubt and worry is a part of the writing life, is it not?

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