Win a Prize! Or take a ride…

The answers – along with links (in some cases) to more details.

1. At the end of WWII which group of pilots unnerved German infantrymen so badly they were called the Nachthexen?

Bi plane

WW II plane responsible for disrupting the sleep of German soldiers, the eerie sound of the guide wires as the planes glided over head, called “The Whistling Death.”

a. American Red Tails
b. British RAF
c. A group of barely trained Russian women flying crop dusters.
d. Aliens

2. Who owns 84% of Nevada?

a. Federal Government
b. The casinos
c. Howard Hughes’ estate
e. Aliens

3. Prostitution is legal in Nevada (this is a trick question).

a. True
b. False

Giant Red-haired cannibals

The Indians force the Giant Red-haired cannibals into the Lovelock caves and burn them alive. Image from

4. The legend of the Giant Red Haired Cannibals is no legend at all according to :

a. The journals of legendary scout  Kit Carson
b. Life Among the Piutes by Sarah Winnemucca
c. Mark Twain’s autobiography
d. Aliens

5. The Giant Red Haired Cannibals are theorized to have been:

a. Russians who migrated centuries ago across the Bering Strait and kept going south until they found a hospitable climate
d. Yetis (Big Foot, Sasquatch, etc.)
d. Aliens
e. All of the above

6. Halloween is important to Nevada because:

a. Pumpkins are its major cash crop.
b. On October 31,1864 Nevada was admitted to the union.
c. It’s Alien Appreciation Day in Nevada

7. Bat Guano is used in the following ways:

a. Fertilizer
b. Explosives
c. Laundry detergent
d. All of the above
e. What the heck is bat guano?


11 thoughts on “Win a Prize! Or take a ride…

  1. 1.c. A group of barely trained Russian women flying crop dusters.
    2.a. Federal Government
    3. Prostitution is legal in Nevada (this is a trick question – but as far as I know)
    4. Life Among the Piutes by Sarah Winnemucca
    5. a. Russians?
    6. Halloween is important to Nevada because b.the date is a big deal
    7. a. Fertilizer
    8; c. An autographed copy of FLIPKA (at least I hope I don’t win the Martian experiments)

  2. Thanks for the late night giggle. I clicked and read your info about Nevada. I guess since I live in Idaho I’ve heard about prostitution only being legal in certain counties. A more accurate answer would be that Wallace, Idaho (the town I grew up in) had operating cathouses until the late 1980s when the FBI raided the town and shut them all down and took away all of the illegal gambling machines from the bars as well.

    1. In about seven counties in Nevada if the brothel is registered, complies with certain health regulations and pays taxes than it is allowed to operate. Those counties do not include Las Vegas or Reno and so if you’re in Vegas and want to hire a hooker, you have to go over the county line to visit a brothel. Many pros though don’t like to be prodded by health inspectors or pay taxes on what they make so I’d say half the prostitutes in Nevada are not working legally! (though it isn’t my area of expertise)

  3. It dates back to WWII when the Federal Government built large military bases near those two towns and came to an agreement with the state. I guess they didn’t want the new recruits to be too easily tempted. It’s kind of silly but then aren’t most politics?

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