Home means Nevada

Blogger’s Note: This post (and the ones to come the next couple of days) contain the answers to this quiz, posted last week.  They’re of particular interest if the oddball state of Nevada is of any interest to you and it should be – it’s a strange place.

2. Who owns approx 84% of Nevada?

a. Federal Government
b. The casinos
c. Howard Hughes’ estate
e. Aliens

The answer is the Federal Government although just about any alien being in the universe would have a better chance of getting a cordial welcome in rural Nevada than a Fed.  Feds are generally greeted with shotguns.


More welcome in Winnemucca Nevada than a Federal Agent!

What the government does with this (our) land is never  disclosed to the public, thus it’s best not to take an unmarked dirt road into the desert as Fi Butters did.   You may well find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun held by either a soldier or a cowboy whose face is hidden by shades and a baseball camp.  Don’t ask them what they’re doing or why you can’t go down that road.  Just turn around, if you can.

Other fun facts about Nevada:

  • Despite libertarian leanings of the state’s rural residents,  Nevada has the harshest penalties for drug offenders in the country.  You can buy alcohol twenty-four hours a day, sell your body, gamble away everything but the family dog, and shot trespassers in the back but you better not lit up a joint!  They’ll put you in jail for life.
  • Nevada has the most hotel rooms per capita of any other state in the United States (and probably the world).
  • Coincidentally, Nevada’s divorce rate tops the national average. Hum, coincidence?
  • Church attendance in Nevada is among the lowest of all the US states.

Most attended church in Nevada – the wedding chapel (this one is called Graceland. Guess why?)


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