The “Trick” Question

Blogger’s Note: This post (and the ones to come the next couple of days) contain the answers to this quiz, posted last week.  They’re of particular interest if the oddball state of Nevada is of any interest to you and it should be – it’s a strange place.

3. Prostitution is legal in Nevada 
(this is a trick question - pardon
the pun).
a. True
b. False

Prostitution is actually only “legal” in certain counties in Nevada.  True, the majority of the counties have voted to legalize prostitution but in the counties which include Reno, Sparks, and Las Vegas prostitution is not legal. You have to go across the border to a neighboring county to get your kicks or hire an “escort” from one of the casinos ($$$$).  When they use the term legal, what they really mean is regulated. A legal whorehouse complies with state regulations which include the paying of taxes of course.  In addition girls in the regulated houses must also undergo weekly venereal testing.  It’s always about the money folks. Most gals prefer to work for unregulated houses where they don’t have to be prodded weekly by condescending medical “professions” and they get to keep more of what they earn.  In Nevada, sex is a business.  Modern day whore houses even have web pages and the remote ones, landing strips.

chicken ranch

Vintage tee shirt

Some houses of ill-repute have deceptively innocent names  (Warning: the below are live links to actual whorehouses.  Send junior from the room if you intent to click on them):

Others are upfront about their business:

Many of them try to sound so cute like there something just so fluffy and sweet about giving a blow-job:

Others, well they boggle the mind – like the Alien Cathouse or Chicken Ranch.  I mean, would you want to have sex with a chicken?  An alien cat perhaps but a chicken?

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