The Last Apples


The last apples

I’ve picked the last apples from the tree,
raked the last pile of golden-red leaves,
cleaned the storm drains of their muck,
and now the rains may come.


The cool air is welcome,
we’ve had enough sun
everything’s dead
and now the rains may come.

(as if my giving them permission will make it happen, sheesh…)

The theory behind blogging as a marketing tool is…if you blog about your expertise, people with an interest in that subject will want to buy your book.  Undoubtedly that works if you wrote “A Trout’s Tale” and you’re an expert fisherman. Not sure it would work for me. The only thing I’m an expert in is trying things.  Gads, I’ve tried a lot of things.  Here are a just a few:

  • See’s Candies Girl – See’s encourages employees to eat all the chocolate they want.  The theory being that you’ll get tired of it – HA!
  • Department Store Dummy – “poke her, Joey – see if she’s real!”
  • Softball coach – I didn’t even know what the term “bases loaded” meant when my friend Lizardo and I attempted this little stint.  The little devils on our team learned how to climb the backstop and get into poison oak but not much more until the fathers couldn’t stand it any longer.

Lizardo and I with the little monsters and the father who finally couldn’t stand it any longer and took charge!

Lest you think I’m a person of no-accomplishments, I do hold the all time, as yet unbroken record for flunking the Army typing test. And no, I wasn’t in the Army.  I was playing chauffeur for my Uncle Bob who wasn’t allowed to drive a car in Europe for a number of different reasons…  So readers, my expertise appears to be misadventure.


Uncle Bob’s two horse power VW

Oh, in case you’re at all interested – mincemeat pie won the worst T-day food contest.

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