Das Kat, the Literary Critic


“Try to tweet now, why don’t you?”


I have a writing problem and it involves a certain cat originally called Pretty Kitty until we found out he was a boy. Now we call him Das Kat.  Das Kat likes to find secret places to hide so that he can sleep all day and terrorize us all night. This he does by running up and down the hall outside our bedroom as if being chased by a pack of rapid dogs and then pouncing on the bed with an innocent chirp. There he makes himself at home on my calves after kneading the blanket with his claws. Hubby claims he does this because he was weaned too soon. I don’t get it. I was never breast fed and I don’t shred blankets!


Living the Penthouse life


Das Kat has a six foot kitty condo with plenty of rope to scratch so the shredding is firmly discouraged, however waking at 2:30 am to scold a cat doesn’t make for a pleasant night’s sleep. I prefer to be woken by the sun and not by kitty whiskers ticking my nose or a tail lashing my face.


“I think I’ll take my place on your lap now!”

Das Kat doesn’t approve of my writing. Every time I sit down to write, magically he appears next to my chair, looking plaintively up at me with a little meh, sometimes reaching a furry white paw up in warning “I’m about to pounce,” other times pouncing directly onto the keyboard without invitation, mangling forever whatever paragraph or email I’d been working on.


“Here’s what I think of this story!”


Then he circles my lap, swatting my face with his tail until he finds a comfortable position. Sometimes he will turn and stare into the computer screen giving me a full view of his anus as he ponders what could possibly be more fascinating than him.

8 thoughts on “Das Kat, the Literary Critic

  1. Ah yes, I have two of those four-legged writing partners. If they weren’t so darn cute, I’d boot them out of my office 🙂

  2. Love the cartoon of the cat ass in face! (Our dog does that but he is trying to get scratched on the rump and fortunately does not jump on my keyboard in the process.)

    1. They certainly are. I’ve been traveling so I’m way behind in my reading. Will get caught up next week Thanks so much for the comment.

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