Statistically Speaking

thI’m coming up on my 100th blog and what have I learned? The answer is, not nearly as much as I’d hoped.  I’m still trying to figure out why some posts get a lot of traffic and others are ignored. One thing I do know is  –  a whole lot of people on the internet are searching for information regarding mammary glands, boobs, tits or whatever else you want to call them.

No duh, you might be thinking.  How did you come up with that brilliant observation, you might snidely want to ask. Well, I’ll tell you, through the beauty of … statistics!  Wordpress (my host) provides handy little graphs that display how many people view or visit  your site each day.  “Visit” evidently means they stayed a few minutes and took a look around.  “View” means they beat a hasty retreat.  “What? No boobs?  I’m out of here” – those kind of folks.

The statistics also display the most popular posts for the week and how each viewer arrived on scene (either via a Google search, Facebook, Twitter or any of a number of different social media links).

Scene from "Happy Hour and Friskie Little Titties"

Scene from “Happy Hour and Frisky Little Titties”

For example: Many people stumbled upon my blog after googling for  “little titties” (far too many if you ask me!)

Good grief! Imagine their disappointment when, instead of pictures of boobs,  they happened upon “Happy Hour and Frisky Little Titties” which is more about life in Cold War Germany than Debbie Does Dallas .

Equally unlucky were those folks googling for “tuna noodle casserole recipes” who landed on “My Life in Tuna Noodle Casserole.”  Imagine some poor lady in Nebraska looking for something new and interesting to do with tuna fish and finding instead my mother’s depression era recipe:

From "My Life in Tuna Noodle Casserole"

From “My Life in Tuna Noodle Casserole” Not my mother’s recipe but Joel’s

“Boil egg noodles till mushy, mix in a tin of tunafish, a can of mushroom soup,  dried onion mix and top with crushed potato chips – set in oven and cook till bubbly.”  Yum!

So,  I’ll been busting my butt for two years trying to entertain folks and I get the most views from people looking for tits and tuna?  I guess so!


From “Seriously, blog? It’s Spring”

I must confess, oft times I sit down with no idea at all what to write, staring at the  blank screen in front of me in abject horror.  My shortest blog is a poem “Seriously, blog?  It’s Spring” in which I complain about having to stay inside on a nice day.

The motto:  Blogging is tough.  Cry babies, need not apply.

I have learned one thing – don’t write about yourself or your books.  Interview someone!  Why?

My most popular blog "Meet Jennifer Hotes"

From my most viewed blog “Jennifer Hotes: A Creepy Obsession Becomes a Novel”

Because they will advertise your blog for you!  Every time I’ve interviewed or hosted another writer, my hits have risen way beyond the usual 20 to 30 a day to the astronomical number of 66!  (Jennifer Hotes: A Creepy Obsession Becomes a Novel).

I realize that other bloggers get hits in the thousands and here am I boasting about 66.  But, you know, I get great comments from the people who stop by and that makes it all worthwhile.

By the way – I just checked and today’s top posts are:  Highway 50 Road Trip with the Griswolds and Dem Dam Hippies’ Christmas in Have You Been Saved Missouri.  Go figure!

9 thoughts on “Statistically Speaking

  1. I totally agree about author interviews helping with visits, but had to stop doing regular ones or else the blog would be totally taking over my life 😉 Speaking of titties, my post about the ending of The Grapes of Wrath brings in lots of views from searches for rose of Sharon and breastfeeding.

    1. Hey Possum – thx for stopping by. Hey, not all of us were lucky enough have to been raised on squirrel pie! ; ) Can u believe I’ve been at this for two years? I guess I’m pig-headed. Let’s do a joint blog on squirrel pie someday! Jan

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