False Spring


Since it’s such a lovely day here in California and the cat has once again taken over my chair, I’ve decided to write out on the patio, listening to the jays and chickadees bicker over the seed which Hubby has left out for them.

This part of the world generally has what I call a “False Spring” sometime in January or February, two or three weeks of spectacular, springlike weather.   The blossoms blossom, the Cameilliasdaffodils sprout and the camellias show their pretty faces. 

Traditionally, and I really hope it happens soon because we are in a severe drought, the cold and rain returns.  Because I live close to San Francisco, the cold and fog can last until September.  We’re not famous for warm summers.


Speaking of birds, I’m always amazed by people who can get a good photo of one.  I must have taken 500 shots of the fellow to the left.  This is the best one and you can see it’s a little fuzzy.  By the way, can any of you bird bloggers out there tell me what kind of bird he is?

15 thoughts on “False Spring

  1. I have the same problem with birds no matter how many pictures I take. Can’t help you with the identification of this one.

  2. What a beauty you captured in the picture, Jan. I’m not sure what kind of bird it is, but I can confirm that it’s a bird. A nice bird, even. 🙂 Glad to see that you got your face in the sun today. It was beautiful in Seattle, too. I can’t write when it’s beautiful, so bring on the rains. 🙂

    1. I can’t write when the weather is nice either! The bird was very brave. Didn’t seem to care that I was trying to take its picture. Lol!

  3. Beautiful bird, Jan, although I don’t know what kind it is. Here in the Boston area, the temp is in the single digits today. And we woke up this morning to find that our oil burner had quit overnight! Luckily, our amazing plumber was able to fix it quickly. Nevertheless, false spring or any other type of spring would be pretty awesome right now!

    1. I’m so sorry Mary. Weather has been very unfair this year. We can’t flush our toilets and you have temps in the single digits – so unfair!

  4. He’s an acorn woodpecker! I spotted one just this morning and haven’t seen one for years. Good job on the photo BTW – I find birds pretty much impossible – they are so skittish if you are anywhere within 100 ft!

  5. Aha! Thanks Cinda. Joel thought it might be a woodpecker but it didn’t look that much like the one in our bird book so he wasn’t sure.

  6. February in Boise has been absolutely beautiful. So many days in the mid fifties to even around sixty degrees. I had three pots of tulips in hyacinth in my garage that I brought out a couple of weeks ago because it was so nice. I guess March is supposed to be colder than February was for us. The weather is crazy.

    1. Lovely blog, Jan. Thank you for your visit & follow. Look forward to browsing and reading more. In SoCal we have spring springing. Blossoms on the orange tree and warm, sunny days. Think some days will be cooler, but still beautiful evrry day to live here. Christine

      1. Thanks! I think you’ve gotten more rain than we have up north. It’s a scary predicament we face but I can remember drought years that were followed by years of flooding so hopefully that pattern will follow suit. (well, not the flooding but at least the mighty rainfalls!)

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