Walking the Res

Ah, once again, another Blogger’s Lazy Day (known as #WordlessWednesday to Twitterbugs)


“I hope you don’t mind. I let myself in, dude. Time to party!”

First an update on the animal party taking place in our cellar, (Maybe it’s a Drunken Kangaroo) it took about five minutes for Crocodile Dundee to find a hole beneath our deck that has eluded us for, I dunno – 20 years!  In his words “That hole’s so large, I’m surprised you didn’t run into an elephant in your cellar.”  I felt as stupid as the time I paid a refrigerator repair man $75 to tell me the darn thing was on the fritz because the freezer door wasn’t closed all the way.   Have you ever paid someone to point out what a ninny you’ve been?

Okay, back to wordlessness or, in this case, the reservoir near my house . . .


Greeted by a hungry family. Sorry guys, no treats!


On Sundays the lake echoes with the laughter of paddle-boaters as they embark on pirate adventures


One of the more secluded fishing holes.


The view from a path above the reservoir.

12 thoughts on “Walking the Res

  1. Yesterday I spent an hour trying to figure out why my keyboard wasn’t working: type, type, type…nothing showing up!? Turns out, I’d disconnected it the night before to wipe off crumbs (husband’s experimenting with natural yeast sourdough bread!) and when I plugged it back in, I wasn’t paying attention. The cable had been connected to the mouse port… of the same keyboard. Talk about an infinite loop. Made for a good laugh when my son discovered the problem.

    1. You’ve got to be careful with food and keyboards! I once wiped out a keyboard with a burrito. Could never get the P work properly again!

  2. I would like to say I’ve paid my wife to point out what a ninny I’ve been, but she continues to do this for free. I think it’s probably because she wants me to learn how to save money.

      1. My husband tells me he doesn’t know how to make a bed, fold sheets or clean counters so guess what? 😉 (Oh well he is a good handy man and occasionally makes me salmon.)

  3. Boy, do I have the urge to go fishing and swimming. Those photos look so becoming. A true lazy Sunday afternoon kind of beckoning.
    And yes, I’ve made more than my fair share of mindless, monetary blunders–the latest being one where I discovered that I’ve been paying a security company for the last five months to monitor the house if the smoke or alarm system should go off, but the security system was hooked up to a telephone line that we disconnected because we figured we could save money on a line that wasn’t being used very much. I’ve been paying them FOR NOTHING. Yep. Look at all the money saved. Ugh.

  4. Ah yes. Just yesterday, at the eye doctors. She asked — how long since you updated the prescription on your glasses? I said, gosh, about seven years. It was around 2001. She looked at me, and I’m thinking, what? what? Oh man. OK seven from fifteen is … Scary.

    Thanks for the beautiful summer photos.

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