28 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger Day – Aspen

  1. In honor of your birthday, I decided to give myself a birthday gift! (how clever of me! heh heh heh!) I’ve purchased your book and look forward to reading it in the near future. Now I have to get it off my husband’s device and put it on mine; unfortunately, I failed to click ‘Kate’s Kindle’ and now Mr. Loveton will be scratching his head, wondering at the new book showing up on his reader! 😀

    1. How sweet of you! Thank you very much. I often buy books and write reviews using my husband’s Amazon account because I don’t have one.

  2. Oh yes, happy belated birthday! Gondolas are always fun to try out. There’s a really long one in Kellogg, Idaho that takes people up on the ski hill (Silver Mountain) or to concerts and mountain biking in the summer.

    1. I’m afraid to admit that half the time I had my eyes closed and ears plugged certain that at any moment we would plunge to the ground!

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