#ThursdayDoors – Chipping Campden


Back door of the Old Market Hall, built around 1627

About a year ago my husband and I flew to the UK to celebrate one of his Big-0 birthdays.


If you look carefully you can see my reflection!

His dream was to see all the museums.  Mine was to see the Cotswolds, even though it meant either renting a car or signing up for a tour.  According to Rick Steves, driving in the UK is no big deal and so foolishly, after seeing London, we rented a car at Heathrow Airport.  (click here to read Dear Rick Steves, my disgruntled letter to that supposed travel expert!)


Our plan was to stay in Stratford on Avon and then drive from village to village, however, after blowing a tire and then waiting for the repairman for three hours by the side of the road in a nasty rainstorm, the idea of driving the English countryside had lost its charm. We were ready to settle for a walk around Stratford when the proprietor of our B&B produced a set of


Old Market Place interior

“foolproof” driving instructions which he insisted we try. Alas, they were very little help.  We ended up lost and driving in circles (literally!) until miraculously stumbling upon Chipping Campden where we found a parking lot in the center of town and ditched the car!  Next time we’re springing for the tour and bringing blindfolds.


Front door of the Old Market Hall








24 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors – Chipping Campden

  1. Ahhh! Adventures in the UK! Always a good time over there. If you’re going to drive in circles and get lost somewhere, it’s a great place to do it! 🙂

  2. The hubby and I have a long standing agreement that we will never compete in the show, “The Amazing Race,” as we don’t believe our marriage would withstand driving on the other side of the road.

    1. Haha! Sounds like a great read. Unfortunately the rental car didn’t have a spare! I guess they don’t trust us Yanks to know how to change tyres!

  3. Beautiful doors. My friend in England took me on a pretty nice tour of interesting out-of-the-way sights on the way to a museum we both wanted to see. Driving there is not something I will ever look forward to.

  4. Lovely doors. And, I had a good chuckle at the description of driving in the UK because my husband and I disagreed about the trips where they give you the car and off you go. I finally convinced him we didn’t need the stress and after two ‘guided’ tours he now agrees with me. LOL I’m off to read your Rick Steves post. 🙂

  5. I love your doors! And the narrative of how you miraculously got the pictures was very entertaining, at least from my couch. I’m sure it was also very frustrating and maddening going through that when you were supposed to be enjoying yourselves!

    1. Walking around the small village I felt a bit like someone who’d just survived a storm at sea and once on dry land, knelt down to kiss the ground!

  6. Not as much as my husband but they were fun to see – the British Museum is the most interesting! Driving in the UK for a Yank is a bit like being on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Dizzyland!

  7. You have some interesting captures here. Sounds like your driving experience was a tad frustrating. I suppose, for some folks anyways, tours are the better way to go and let someone else do the driving.

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