Breaking my Vow

When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, I vowed to stay away from three subjects: religion, politics and cats.  So far I’ve stayed away from two of them.


Guess which promise I broke first?

Yup, you got it.  Cats! Pretty Kitty claims I vowed not to write about all animals and that I broke my vow with one of my very first posts. 


From my second blog post “Man Training 1.0”

Well, I am about to break another.  I shouldn’t but after those two Republican debates I can’t help myself.  American people what are you thinking?  Those debates were broadcast all over the world and probably into outer space where this very afternoon the Federation of Planets is having their own debate: whether or not to  send Captain Kirk back from the future.


“In order to save Planet Earth you expect me to go back to 2015 and beam aboard a stage full of politicians? What if they infect the Enterprise and take us back to the Middle Ages?”

And the feedback from the “man/woman/idiot” on the street was even more mind-numbing. For example, Megyn Kelly interviewed a woman on The Kelly Show who basically said: “I like Carly Fiorina because she’s a bulldog!  She’ll take on Hilary Clinton and she’ll win!”

President Bulldog, er, Fiorina - are you ready for your breakfast of liberal over-easy?

President Bulldog, er, Fiorina – are you ready for your breakfast of liberal over-easy?

Really?  This isn’t a dog fight, lady, even though you might want it to be.

To the many people who say: “I support Donald Trump because he’s not afraid to speak his mind.”

I say, yes, and that’s the scary part.  Do you really want him to call someone like Andrea Merkel a fat, stupid cow for negotiating with Russia which you know he’ll do because he doesn’t hold anything back, remember?th-2

And for crying out loud, can we stop talking about fetuses already?  Why aren’t we talking about children living in poverty?

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24 thoughts on “Breaking my Vow

  1. I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll mention cats and religion now and them=n. You cover cats and politics and we each walk away with one sold rule we won’t break. I can’t even believe that we have had the first debate. The election is 15 months from now!

    1. Okay – sounds good. Cats and religion for you; cats and politics for me! I think the debates are so early because right-wing Republicans are really hoping Oscar the Grouch will enter the campaign and duke it out with the more middle-of-the-road conservative Kermit the Frog so they’re stalling with other minor cartoon characters. ; )

  2. Quite right, Jan. The candidates never address the issues, or even how they would attack those problems. Especially, when that would demand that they actually have something new to offer other than “This country deserves someone better, and I’m it—you’ll just have to take my word for it. Don’t listen for anything else except my verbal attacks on my opponents (particularly those who are Democrats, and others named Hillary), and that’s because I have nothing better to offer.

  3. Great Scot! Let’s put the record straight. We non-Americans DON’T WANT HILLARY. I have no intention of staying away from Hillary, cats, and religion. The woman is a compulsive liar

  4. It is a sad reflection on what us Brits think about American politics, many of us believe that their is a high probability that you guys will elect Trump. As for Hillary being a liar, aren’t they all??

  5. Good grief, Jan, this is a problem of monumental proportions. The candidates, the “debates,” the dancing around answering questions. The cycle of advertising their capabilities by lying through statistics. UGH!
    I think it’s necessary and worthy that you’ve decided to break this vow. Dialogue is important. The more we talk about these issues, the more we learn from one another and about what’s on offer. The future may be grim. I hope we can speak smartly about it soon.

    1. The scary part is that some people apparently want angry out-of-control millionaires to be running the country. Save us Captain Kirk!

  6. Great post. I’m way up here in Canada and though I didn’t watch the whole debate I did watch the highlights (lowlights?). After the debate when Donald Trump claimed the female moderator was acting hostile toward him it was because she was menstruating was a very low point. But, that is also democracy, anyone can run for office. Even the stupid and horrible.

  7. Thanks for breaking your vow, Jan. I was on vacation during the Republican debate but heard enough about it to feel very sad and frightened for our country’s future.

    1. I was stunned by the response primarily. I can’t understand why someone would want to vote for someone who confuses political correctness for civility.

  8. My editor advised me to avoid politics, but it is hard isn’t it? Esp. when they are boggling our minds – with the school-yard bully leading the pack of childish insults. Warning: I got 3 “unlikes” on FB the week I posted a Latino comedy act dishing Trump (and it was in Spanish). Go figure…Coincidence? I thought it was pretty funny – you have to get the accents though.
    Anyway YOU GO GIRL!
    (And why wouldn’t you post about cats they’re funny and Pretty Kitty is so…pretty!)

    1. I think it was the response to the debates that shocked me the most – the reasons people gave for liking a candidate which many times had nothing to do with issues.

  9. Woo boy. When you took the plunge and talked about politics, you really dove in. Which opens the door for us. I am kind of happy that Trump raised the subject of periods. Even though now he says that’s not what he meant, we all know that’s exactly what he meant, especially us females from his generation or thereabouts who grew up hearing guys say women shouldn’t have their finger on the nuclear button because they have periods. Yay Trump. Let’s get it all out there. Heavens, a black President, and now a woman? Never mind that she’s way past periods. You betcha. Give me that nuclear button.

    Bottling it up now, but you started it. Very funny. Thanks. Nice cat by the way.

    1. Thanks JB! I do remember male candidates making that argument even though you’re right, most women running for office are past child-bearing age.

  10. Well said Jan. So tired of this (the politics) already and its only the first (2?) debates. By the sounds of your comments and the quantity of comments, I’d say people do in fact read your blog and it is a good read so keep speaking your mind and people will listen 🙂

  11. Woohoo–you hit a hot button with this one! The only part of the debate I watched was the highlights of Donald Trump on YouTube. I seriously felt I was watching clips from “Saturday Night Live.” I laughed so hard at the expressions on his face and his outlandish comments.

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