Lazy Blogger’s Day, Auggie 12


Sign in shop in London. You think they really were?

In honor of Lazy Blogger’s Day – three totally unrelated pictures.  Can you make a story out of them?  If you can I’ll post it here on Ye Olde Twissel Bloggie!


Maimed sculpture in the British Museum. What do you think the model was doing with her arms and legs?


Beautiful penmanship but what do you think this person’s name was?

Okay, that’s it. Happy Lazy Blogger’s Day!

7 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger’s Day, Auggie 12

  1. I looked in the shop window at some wonderful chic apparel, noticing that the sign was spelt incorrectly I went into the shop to inform them. Inside was a maimed statue, borrowed from the British Museum. I asked why it was so horribly damaged, the shop owner said she didn’t know, but she was working on it. I felt obliged to buy a very expensive pair of shoes. When I arrived home I looked at the receipt and was shocked to note that it had been signed by ‘T heres One Borneveryminute’ !!!

  2. I think the maimed woman had laundered her arms and legs, and was hanging them out to dry – on a very windy day.

    Just a thought, is all. (E-gads! Where did that thought come from?)

  3. I saw this dress in a French ndow. “I know who would like to wear that,” I thought, so I bought it. I was a bit scared to give it to her, but she said, “Don’t be frightened, I’m ‘armless. I ‘ope the frock wasn’t too expensive.” I showed her the receipt and she said, “Great Scot! That’s my late husband’s mother’s father’s uncle’s niece’s boy.” Isn’t it a small world?

  4. Trying to spark our creativity – or get us to work? I’m a lazy blogger too! Answers: 1. I would like to know the first one.; 2. running from all those over-sexed Greek gods; 3. G. E. Morris, long gone, as is penmanship, or letter writing for that matter.

    1. Just feeling a bit of blogging fatigue! I think she probably was running from all those over-sexed gods or perhaps G.E. Morris! Boy, do you have a good eye for handwriting.

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