#ThursdayDoors – the “For the Duration” door

For the Duration Door Aug 07 15

“For the Duration Door” Image courtesy of Jude P. Paso

A reader found this door on one arm of the Sauer-McShane Mercantile (described as “an antique, miraculously-still-standing edifice”) which was in operation from 1877 to 1892 as a masonry warehouse in Central City, a town so named because it’s pretty much in the center of the state of Colorado. The “city” thrived for a duration as miners made their fortunes but then became the kind of funky, dusty landmark tourists love to frequent and artists love to bring alive. The name my reader gave the door is revealing as she ran a cafe in that town during a “duration” of her life.  How about you?  Do you have a duration door?  I’ll try to find mine for next week’s #ThursdayDoors.

21 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors – the “For the Duration” door

  1. Interesting concept for a post and love the name given to such a door. The doors in my life don’t conjure nearly as interesting imagery, though I suppose I could get some mileage out of the seventies-style front door at my mom’s place. I remember being really impressed by the tall doors at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

  2. The only door that comes to mind is the door to the Wittenberg cathedral in Germany. I found it to be gorgeous, and yet from a distance it is rather non-descript. You really have to get up close to really appreciate its place in history.

    1. I think, in genera,l doors in other parts of the world are more elaborate and do depict history more than US doors – especially in the boom towns of the West which sprung up to make fortunes and quickly passed into oblivion after the mines ran dry!

  3. What immediately came to mind were the doors on the Wills Memorial Building in Bristol through which I walked every day during my university days. The ‘duration’ as a student from scared ignorant novice to knowing relaxed graduate was marked by those ornate, deliberately imposing doors. By the end I could smile my way past, even brush them like a friend but at the start it seemed like I was breaking every rule, thinking little me was entitled to pass through. Lovely door you have and lovely notion.

    1. How right you are – I remember my first days at UC Berkeley feeling so much like I didn’t belong – every door was intimidating. At any moment they’d realize how dumb I was.

  4. #ThursdayDoors is the brainchild of Norm 2.0. I don’t know how many people participate but it is a lovely way to get to know other bloggers.

  5. The herring bone design is really stunning, Jan. And the coloring so rich and deep as well. I’m so enjoying your door series.
    And a duration door of mine? My bedroom door. It was made in Mexico and took a full year to ship. I’m pretty sure someone took via a donkey or dragged it by hand. Poor person. But I do love it. It screams backstory.

    1. I realized through participating in ThursdayDoors just how boring the doors in my house are! Your door sounds amazing although I’d probably feel sorry for the donkey too!

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