Lazy Blogger Day: Alone


When the sun goes down,
I know I am alone.
I may be loved today,
I may be loved tomorrow,
But all things change.
All things.

When my toes sink beneath
a billion, trillion grains of sand,
waves sing golden,
and stars promise to
guide my way
till the dying day of
my eternity
I am alone but of all things.


14 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger Day: Alone

  1. I love your last line, as it’s one I’m in the middle of trying to absorb as I listen to my many sources of meditation. There’s this constant theme running through them that continues to reveal that we are not individual, but everything. It’s a little large for me to grasp, but reading your post helps to inch it farther forward.
    Lovely work, Jan!

  2. What a sweet comment! Every now and then a picture will get me thinking but most of the time I have a hard time absorbing the message myself.

  3. I know I read this last week but guess I didn’t get around to telling you how lovely it is. We all like different lines…. I like:
    ” When my toes sink beneath a billion, trillion grains of sand”

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