Lazy Blogger’s Day: Old Thangs

This week I’ve been having an email discussion with a group of friends I’ve known for a long time, thus our discussion has centered on the issues we face: elderly parents and soon to be elderly us. But rather than delve into what is the most depressing topic (other than the sinking stock market and the ascendency of Dunce Trump)  I’m just going to post a picture one of the oldest thangs I’ve ever seen:


The inside of the Pharos (lighthouse) at Dover Castle England.



Outside view of the Pharos.

Of course, as lighthouses go this one is well past its prime but it was interesting to learn that during the bombing of England (WWII), Hitler was insistent the castle be spared; the surrounding town was not so fortunate.

The good thing about getting older is we get to be silly again. (Of course, some of us never stopped but that’s another story!)  Do something silly today!

24 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger’s Day: Old Thangs

  1. Good one, Jan

    > Silly – Ok. I think I’ll make a picnic and go jump in the slithery-yet-beautiful-and-beckoning swamp nearby. Watch the owls watching me. Everyone talks about doing it, but no one I know has ever done it. Here goes!

    1. Don’t ever stop being silly – I don’t think your wife would want a Pharos in the living room – maybe a Pharaoh, I don’t know – a cute one for sure! ; )

  2. I have visited this monument. Dover gaol is also interesting along with the wartime tunnels that run underneath the white cliffs. I don’t think I can remember a time I wasn’t silly.

    1. I wouldn’t want to be in the Pharos during an earthquake that’s for sure! In fact the winds were so strong, it’s a wonder it’s still in tact at all!

  3. I’m up for silliness today. If it’ll keep us young a little longer, it’s worth a try….thanks for a nice post, Jan. BTW, did you add the video of the Evian baby advertisement, or is that coincidence? If it’s a coincidence, it’s a good one!

  4. That lighthouse photo is way cool.

    Just digging around over here to figure out why WordPress is telling me I have a referral from this post?

    Any clue?

    Keep blogging, friend!

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