#Wordless Wednesday

GGpaThis isn’t a good picture by any technical standard and it’s old and well worn but it haunts me.  I imagine the back story of two men during the Depression wondering how they will feed their families. The one on the left stares into the camera, his look one of defiance and yet fear.  The other looks to the older for assurance. Did he get it?  I don’t know.

Here are some other shots from the same time period.


The Cousins

The Tea Party

The Tea Party

29 thoughts on “#Wordless Wednesday

  1. These pictures gave me goosebumps. I was facing down a lengthy task list for my upcoming hospice fundraiser and find I have nothing, not a damn thing, to complain about.

    Thank you for posting this, Jan.

      1. I once heard how Groucho Marx was so effected by the Great Depression, that years later whenever his kids would leave a light on in a room, he’d be right behind them turning those lights off. Didn’t want to waste a penny. ;o)

    1. Thanks Kate. I only knew one of the men – the other died before I was born! Would have loved to have known him though – now I can just imagine.

    1. Given the time period the shot was taken – I don’t think times were easy. But somehow they made it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Thank you for this, Jan. My father and his family lived on a family in Missouri during the Depression. Field crops failed, but they were able to keep the garden going and hunt a little, so did not starve. My mother’s family in a city in Ohio lost everything and there was not enough food. How can we so easily forget? Thank you for powerful message to remind us we are just a step away from being refuges ourselves.

  3. I really like your interpretation of the picture, Jan. You saw so deeply into these men, and could probably write an incredibly compelling story around the photo.
    And how lovely to have such a sweet photo of your mom.

  4. Yup, that was a staple, along with just about anything made from a root vegetable. Some pictures make you feel that someone is staring right at you – that they can see you from the past. The picture of the two men makes me feel that way.

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