The Grumpy Old Lady has a good day!

I have to admit I’ve been grumpy lately.  Could be all the smoke in the air.  Could be the rash of bad news I’ve gotten lately regarding friends and family.  Could be that I’m just turning into a grumpy old lady!

Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch

Jennifer Hotes,  Author of the Stone Witch series

So yesterday when my friend Jennifer – who has to be the nicest lady on the planet (check her out here) – decided to feature a review of my book Willful Avoidance on her blog, the news couldn’t have come at a better time.  This was a hard book for me to write and promoting it has left me, well grumpy.  Who wants to read a book that has, at its core, a battle for innocent spouse relief?  Ugh, right?

So, dear friends, please forgive this grumpy old lady for a bit of blatant self-promotion, here is her review:

As an author myself, I know how much time and love it takes to craft a novel which makes me feel all the worse for wolfing down JT Twissel’s latest book in a matter of hours. Within the first chapters I came to care about Maya and her uphill battle against a horrible ex-husband and the IRS. Grounded in reality, her story was dramatic, funny, tragic and wonderful.
What I appreciated most is that Twissel didn’t write what the readers wanted to read, but instead wrote the organic journey of Maya with all her ups and downs. The result is a book with a story you could chew on and with twists that kept me reading late into the night! An added bonus of this book was coming away with a rudimentary understanding of our tax laws. Twissel, you’re a sneaky one. Have you ever thought about teaching the subject at the university?
Willful Avoidance spans multiple genres. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Legal, Women’s Fiction, Humor, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary Women, and Political – there’s something to entice every reader.

One of Jennifer’s drawings – titled appropriately “The Old Lady” – it does kind of look like me!

Here is the link to Jennifer’s website.  If you have a sec, please check it out! Thanks!

21 thoughts on “The Grumpy Old Lady has a good day!

  1. Ha, be grumpy, wear purple, who gives a whistle. Flog it!! And be rightly proud to get your work out there. To make one old grump happy I shall now acquire our book. so there!

    1. Who does give a whistle – you’re absolutely right. As a lawyer you might be interested in US tax law – but as my blogging buddy I’d happily send you an e-copy.

  2. I agree that Jennifer is the nicest lady on the planet (and loads of fun, too). On her recommendation, I read your book and loved it! A true page turner!
    Jennifer’s drawing is of our house in Fort Bragg. 🙂 We refer to the house as an old lady–and sometimes she definitely is grumpy.

  3. Thank you so much! I love that old house – it looks like such a happy place to live. (my husband and I were married in Mendocino – so that part of California has special meaning for us.)

  4. Jan, you’re not grumpy! And I loved Jennifer’s review of Willful Avoidance. As you know, my life has been crazy lately, but I’m looking forward to settling in soon with a nice cup of tea and your book.

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