I might change my mind!

Generally I don’t read much into a blood moon.  I’ve seen a few and, while spectacular and often magical, nothing earth shaking happened.  Life went on as before.  Time did not stop. But the sight I saw from my back deck this afternoon got me thinking maybe I was wrong.  Just to be safe, I’m not going to squash the next ant that comes crawling across the table.


I almost blinded myself getting this shot.  I’m sure it’s just a halo caused by the overcast sky and not an omen of impending doom but the air outside is muggy and even though it’s a Sunday afternoon the sound of children playing is oddly missing.  I came back inside and watched the Pope.

By the way, I believe the small blue object to the left and below the sun was caused by the camera and not a space ship coming to take us away but who knows.

IMG_0778As you can see from the above, it’s getting closer! Hopefully we’ll all be here tomorrow but if not, well, it’s been swell knowing you!

10 thoughts on “I might change my mind!

  1. Okey dokey, no ant-smushing for me, either. I’ll be out there – at the ready for the display. We have just a few Colorado clouds but they look like the enhancing type. Oboy!

  2. We made it, Jan, we made it!!! Oh, that little blue dot was my escape pod… just in case Earth didn’t survive last night. Sorry we got in the shot, but I promise it won’t happen the next time the world’s gonna end. We got a new pilot. 😀

  3. We’re still here! I wasn’t motivated enough to try to see the blood moon. A hiking group I belong to even did a night hike for the event. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with one I remember seeing when I was a kid.

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