And the winner is . . .

Yesterday I asked you to guess what was behind this door:


Many thanks to those of you who took a guess:

But Mary and Cinda came the closest: wild bird supplies.  Behind this messy door is the East Bay Nature company.  IMG_1024

It’s a delightfully chaotic store cramped to the rafters with:

Seed and Suet
Nest Boxes and Bat Houses
Books and Field Guides
Bird Baths, Drippers, Misters, and Fountains
CD’s, Tapes, and Videos
Wind Chimes
Artwork, Posters, and Photographs

Cinda and Mary – where do you want me your gift – a lovely ten pound bag of suet?

And thanks again to Norm Frampton for the inspiration!

12 thoughts on “And the winner is . . .

  1. When I said “honey” I mean honey for the birds – the nectar eating honey-eaters. I’m amazed that you didn’t see that. Why else would one buy honey for? And re the horrid flowers – it’s those red plastic flowers they have to attract hummingbirds to feeders. I was spot-on with my answers. Send the suet or I’ll sue.

  2. Sounds like a delightful store, Jan. One of my favorite things to do in those stores is to find the little plush birds that sing and press all the buttons. Have a fun weekend! 🙂

    1. Aha! And the wife hasn’t asked to see a picture of the Lesser Spotted Pork Scratchings Catcher? (Something tells me the Greater Spotted Pork Scratchings Catcher would be a fearful sight!)

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