Lazy Blogger Day: The Pilgrim


My garden’s a haven to what gardeners call “volunteers.” Some are the children of plants we’ve planted over the years and others are pilgrims to my alien shore that I don’t have the heart to starve, rip to shreds, or send out into a stormy sea.

This sunflower took root in a pot containing another plant and grew and grew and grew until it reached the sun.IMG_1086

The stalk is approximately five feet high. But it didn’t squeeze out the other plant. They’re living happily together.

May all your pilgrims be grateful for the protected soil they’re growing in!  Even in a crowded pot, there is room to share.

18 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger Day: The Pilgrim

  1. Wow, that’s some sunflower Jan! We used to have an old appaloosa mare who just loved to eat those. She would snatch the blooms along the way while we were riding. So funny!

  2. These two plants feed different, and benefit from each other, the same as it is in the wild. People can benefit from each other too, as different as we are. It is a lovely photograph.

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