Goodbye 2015


Christmas will never be the same without this lovely and fun lady!

I did not end the year with a list of bests and worsts; nor did I start the new one with resolutions. There are reasons why, of course, but let me just say 2015 provided a lot of challenges and brought many tears to those in my family. I am not lying or trying to gain brownie points when I say that you, my blogging buddies, have been a bright spot in an otherwise difficult year.


Goodbye and good riddance 2015!

As a thank you I’mddduke.128.625110 posting a poem by Duke Miller who regular readers will recognize as my reclusive, social media hating buddy down in old Mexico. This poem, along with a group of others he’s currently working on, is from his WIP Spider In My Mouth.
For fans of his work, I’ll post them under the Poems tab at the top of this screen.



i’m trying to redefine cringe
as a good feeling
by shaving the contours of my eyeballs
into the shape of a big wooden door key hole
the gold kind with rust that frames little old ladies
dead and unattended
sitting in rocking chairs
i’m having trouble
my friends tell me to stop
but i can’t
the rocking chair is on lay-away
and i don’t want to lose my deposit

How about you?  Happy to see 2015 in the past?

33 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015

  1. Thanks to you, Jan, I’m an ongoing and forever fan of Duke Miller. Can’t wait to read Spider in My Mouth – but then, you are giving us tastes of it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Deb – yes, I’m hoping for a bit less drama but one never knows. All we can do is hope and appreciate those highs!

  2. Mine was a good enough year. More happy than sad. More health than sickness. More gain than loss. I’m sorry yours was not a better one. I am always looking forward to new things, so hopefully this year will live up to our hopeful expectations.

      1. I’ve worked hard to develop this attitude, it did not come naturally — my natural state is worried melancholy. It’s still hard sometimes. BUT, gratitude and staying open to opportunities really helps me get through.

  3. I wipe my feet on 2015 and bid it good riddance! Sure there were some bright spots amid the doom and gloom and chaos of my life utterly falling apart, but it’s good to finally be coming through on the other side.

      1. Thanks, Jan! You are way too sweet. I will let you know when it’s ready for a reader and you can let me know if you’re up for it. I’d love your feedback, of course. xoxo

    1. Thank you Glyn. You’re right – just because there’s a new calendar on the wall, it doesn’t mean life starts anew! (even if we’d like it too!)

  4. I guess 2015 will go down as ‘a hard years work, some signs of growing maturity in his approach to his work but could do better’. Here is wishing you, Jan and everyone a fabulicious 2016.

    1. Thank you Geoff! I think you’ve done an incredible job keeping up with your blog posts, being supportive of other writers and finishing another book! You deserve a pat on the back, for sure!

  5. I would say 2015 was a steep learning curve for me, filled with challenges, joys, and surprises. Great professionally, okay personally. I hope it all balances out this year. I wish you a wonderful 2016, Jan. x

    1. It is hard to achieve balance but I’m sure if anyone can do it, you can! I’m amazed by the energy you’ve put into book promotion and so happy that it’s paid off for you. Bravo Ellie!

  6. Happy 2016, Jan… 2015 was a regular year to me, but some positive personal changes popped up after October, so I am grateful… I liked Miller’s poem, truly nice ⭐️
    Hugs. Aquileana ‼️😘

  7. I’ve certainly had years that I’ve bid an exhausted goodbye and screw you to, but 2015 wasn’t one of them. Hoping 2016 will bring peace and joy to you.

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