Untitled Number Five

According to people who interpret dreams, if you dream of a th-6house, it represents your self or soul.   Following this logic, if you dream of a dirty house, then you’ve got some soul searching to do. If you dream of a house without doors, you’re paranoid about something.  And, if you dream of a house that’s beautiful from the outside but a shambles inside then you’re vain and your soul is trying to clue you in.  As far as dreams go, I think of them as a garbage dump of my day and don’t put too much store in them.   

However I do dream of houses often, two in particular.  One is a magnificent white manse, either ultra modern or very old, which sits atop a grassy hill. I slip through a keyhole like vapor and then fly down the endless hall, gliding in and out of pulsating rooms always stopping to gaze at the tranquil fishing village below. I’m looking for something, the pianist I hear in the distance. A soft mist starts to fill the house as finally I approach the pianist.  He plays in a beam of sunshine beneath an enormous bay window.  Outside billowing clouds roll across a Grecian sky.

Then, at this exact moment (in every single dream!) I decide I really have to pee.  A toilet appears in the middle of the room which I can’t use because suddenly people have materialized from the mist. After a few moments of anxiety my bladder gives the urgent symbol and I wake up.  If it’s early in the morning I try to get back into the dream but I can’t. 

th-5The other house is a claptrap assortment of rooms and ill-advised add-ons, decorated in hideous wallpaper with roughed up wood flooring and windows that refuse to open. This house excites me as I ponder an endless series of renovations. Some day, this will be my dream house, I think, as I discover secret rooms and staircases.  Generally I’ll run into a celebrity in one of the rooms, like Brad Pitt or Oprah. It’s not by accident, mind you. Cleverly I’ve pulled them into my dream because, to do all those renovations, I will need money!  Lots of money! 

Oprah’s always on the verge of giving me a million bucks when that old toilet appears in the middle of the room.   

What are reoccurring dreams trying to tell you?  I think mine are saying that I watch far too many home improvement shows.  Also, that I probably shouldn’t drink so much tea before heading to bed (okay – it’s wine).

26 thoughts on “Untitled Number Five

  1. Haha! Yes, to much TV and tea may do that to you. So follow this logic. They say that if you have a dream about falling and you hit the bottom, then you die in your sleep. How about if you had to pee in your dream and didn’t make it. Would you wet the bed? I’m off to ponder these questions…

      1. It’s possible that it’s an urban legend. How come when I dream of winning the lottery I never get the cash?

  2. Love your dreams, Jan, the contrasting houses, and the pianist playing in a beam of sunshine.

    You want another recurring dream?

    I’m walking on a dirt road, reading about Diana of Ephesus (a multi-breasted fertility goddess). I come upon a dairy farm and stop to admire the milk cows. A milkman tells me the owner of the farm is a powerful woman named Diana, and I needn’t worry because she is not going to murder me. I close the book and put it in my sack, and he begins to show me around.

    In the dream I wander around with him, absorbed in his stories, which change from dream to dream. I usually wake up amused or laughing.

    Good grief, am I really posting this?

  3. I think wine not only explains your need to pee but the kind of dreams you’re having…:) it’s almost like having a wild bizarre party in the home of different celebrities.
    I’d suggest tea instead it wine at night but I don’t think there’s much chance of that happeneing..:)

  4. I rarely remember my dreams but I do know I have vivid dreams. I wake with the certain knowledge of a something detailed, full on and utterly lost. I want to remember them but dint. Really frustrating . Love yours mind and the toilet is excellent. There’s a wonderful short story in that piece if porcelain

    1. Thanks! According to one dream interpretation site – seeing a toilet means you “need to get rid of something.” Well, duh! You need to pee!

  5. I’m trying to figure out what it means if you dream of a house where your water heater goes out, and then contractors have to come in and tear out some flooring. Oh and we decided on a tank-less water heater now. What a mess. Timely too, right after Christmas . :o(

    1. Oh my! That’s a bad dream alright. I hope it means that better times are ahead for you and all that water is washing away bad karma! Fingers crossed.

      1. We do to, Jan. This resulted in us not only getting a tankless water heater, but a brand new air conditioning and heating unit, plus we’ll get new flooring. Meahwhile the house is full of contractors all the time. I think they might even be watching us in our sleep? 😀

    1. Sounds like you’re dreaming of the Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, CA). The owner installed a bunch of staircases leading nowhere to trick the ghosts who were after her! I don’t put much stock in dream symbols – except the toilet. That one will wake me right up and with good reason!

      1. Thank you for mentioning the ghosts! 😉
        Just kidding, I am ok with them 🙂
        It is interesting that the toilet message is so straightforward – no allegories or anything.

  6. OMG, there are so many opinions out there about dreams and their meanings. Which one is true for me? Nevertheless a good post, thanks for sharing.

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