The Serendipity of Blogging

Today I’m honored to be interviewed on Jeri Walker’s multi-faceted blog Word Bank, Make Every Word Count.  

Isn’t that a great title for a blog – “Make Every Word Count?”  Every word should count, as every word has the potential to provide hope or reinforce despair. Writers should take a stand with their words which is why we all need an editor – to save our sorry hides from the “really pretty,” the “kind of sad,” and all the weak-kneed phrases we hear day in and out that filter in and grind our work to pablum.JeriWB Square Logo Small

Jeri is one of this blog’s earliest and most supportive followers and thus is worth her weight in gold and silver and diamonds and/or chocolate. On her blog she features tips on writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and more. One of my favorite posts is Writers Workout Memoir prompts which I urge you to check out if you’re interested in writing a memoir.  IMG_0584

In the serendipitous world of bloggers, old souls attract each other. Jeri and I were both raised in dusty western towns whose prominent citizens were the owners of bordellos and saloons, where cowboys came in once a week for a bath and a lay and to spend a week’s paycheck and a night in jail.  I’m happy to say that in February she’s agreed to post one of her essays on my blog. Can’t wait!

Has the serendipity of blogging drawn you across space and time to a kindred spirit?  

This post was inspired by Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot January series!  Please check out other #JusJoJan Serendipity posts.  

44 thoughts on “The Serendipity of Blogging

  1. Yes to the question. So many great connections. One to a blogger so lives a mile from my old family home so his tales of the locale and his pictures stir so many memories.

  2. Lovely candid interview, glad it caught my eye. Blogging has given me insight to lives and places I’d otherwise not have heard of plus a few contacts who have become friends despite living on the other side of the globe. I’ve also met up with some Crete based bloggers, and when like minds clicked, we made friendships that will last. All because, in my husband’s words, I fiddle about on my tablet! Thank you, and all fellow bloggers. X

  3. Hi Jan, I’m here from Jeri’s blog. I really enjoyed your interview. Food for thought. I’ve connected with Jeri on several levels. I like blogging and meeting others along the way. Maybe someday, I’ll meet a few in person. Auf Wiedersehen!

  4. It turned out that a woman with whom I connected in the blogosphere lived nearby. I was able to invite her to a conference of mutual interest in our area and meet her in person.

    1. One of my earliest followers actually lives next door! She and I lived next to each other for fifteen years before we both realized we were writing our debut novels!

  5. Hi, just ‘met’ you over at Donna’s blog party and thought I’d pop over to see your blog. I’m liking it. Trouble is it leads me down so many paths to so many otherl bloggers 🙂 Off to check out Jeri’s memoir prompts. Will I ever get bacl to the party?
    enovelauthorsatwork Mary Smith

    1. I know the feeling! I got so busy checking out other bloggers I didn’t make it back to the party. I hope you drank my share of that lager!

    1. I’ve gotten to know a couple of blogging buddies off-line, so to speak. And they do feel like best friends. Nice to meet you Susie! Love your hat.

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