Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge 26: Distance


IMG_1836In the Colorado Rockies looking down from  8100 feet at the small town of Avon. The aspens are just beginning to bloom but the air is still crisp and cool. In the distance, the dry side of the mountains. The sky threatens rain but saves the deluge for a mysterious and unexpected time. Thus is life in the mountains.

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10 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge 26: Distance

  1. Always think of Richard Brautigan when I read about the mountains and mysterious, unexpected times.

    1. Thanks Hugh! The Native Americans believed that mountains were like gods – they could be angry and unforgiving or take pity on us lowly humans. Thus weather is famously unpredictable. We were lucky. The Mountain Gods smiled on us for the most part!

    1. I’ll have to check it out – thanks Colm. WP seems to be down – I can’t comment on your hilarious essay about Virgins and Tarts!

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