Hugh’s Photo Challenge, Week 27: Vintage

This enameled metal mesh purse has been hanging from an equally old dresser for a long time.  It belonged to my grandmother and was probably given to her around the time of her marriage in the early 1920s.IMG_1881

It’s only large enough for a compact and tube of lipstick which is all a young lady on a date needed back then. Her gentleman caller would, of course, provide everything else, including handkerchieves should his date have a sniffle.  Nowadays ladies carry mace and a cell phone.

I love the way the purse feels in my fingers, dainty and playful.  I wish I had a picture of her wearing it but alas the only pictures I have of my grandmother as a young woman show a stern, no-nonsense nurse ready for combat against disease.


Closeup of the detail

Through the inscription on the inside clasp I was able to trace the purse back to Turkish immigrant Sahatiel Mandalia, founder of Mandalian Manufacturing Co. of Massachusetts.  Mandalian was bought out in the 1940s by their rival, Whiting & Davis Co, a company founded in the 1890s and still in business today, which you have to admit is pretty amazing.  However they specialize more in industrial metal mesh than purses these days.

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13 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge, Week 27: Vintage

  1. I’m definitely enjoying Hugh’s challenge this week. That purse is very striking. I can totally understand why you’ve kept it around.

  2. What a great piece of history about this item, Jan. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hopefully, you’ll come across a photo of this purse and your Grandmother one day. Keep on enjoying it.

    1. Thanks Hugh! My grandmother (and my mother as well) have a tendency to frown when a camera is aimed at them. I just run and hide!

  3. Such a pretty thing! Amazing piece of history, and not only for your family. I wonder if the company owners have a purse like this one in their museum 🙂

  4. I really like this “snapshot” of your grandmother, Jan. The purse is gorgeous, and in pristine condition. As a no-nonsense nurse she may not have used it much. Laughed at your comment (so true!) about what women carry in their purses today.

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