The Year of the Goose


Dying trees on one of my favorite walks.

In general I’m not a summer person.  Don’t like the heat. Don’t like the sun up at 5 and down at 9.  Don’t like months without rain, watching plants die or staying inside on days when the air is unhealthy to breathe. I especially don’t like that every get-away spot is flooded with tourists.

But so far this summer has been the worst. In astrological terms, Gemini has been getting its ass kicked by a massive Black Hole.  And what frigging year of the Chinese horrorscope is it anyway? The Goose?  I think so. It’s the Year of the Goose, the thirteenth animal to visit the Buddha and therefore the unluckiest.


My mantra: it’s only money. Just relax.

I won’t go into a litany of my woes because that’s not the reason I began blogging. Instead let’s talk about goosing. Do you remember the first time some creep stuck his thumb up your rectum? For me it was at a Peter & Gordon concert I shouldn’t have been at in the first place. I was too young.  But I’d already honed my skills at escaping through the bedroom window (unfortunately I hadn’t honed my skills at sneaking back in. I always got caught. Every single time.)

Peter and Gordon seem too wholesome to have fans who goose young girls, don’t they?  It just goes to show, you never know where or when you’ll get goosed.


Hoorah, the sun is finally going down.

By the way, in the I thought I was wasting my time but... category there are people who spend their time researching whether or not Mother Goose was a real person.  Really?  Makes me feel less silly for googling “where did the term goosing come from.”  Turns out there’s a real simple explanation.  Can you guess?

15 thoughts on “The Year of the Goose

    1. When I get silly, that’s probably the best course of action. Hope you are doing well and that your hand has healed.

  1. *gasp!!!* It is the long, endless daylight I love the most about summer! In fact, I think I could actually love winter too if the days were also 17 hours long!

    1. On hot days when the sun goes down we open the window for fresh air. I love my fresh air! We were in Denmark on the longest day of the year and the sun never went down! But we were younger and so just partied all night long with the Danes.

  2. Haha it’s the year of the monkey 🙂
    I hate summer, too. I hate the heat and all the stuff that comes with it.
    But I do like the fruit 🙂

  3. Winter is coming. Or so Ned said. Now winter is here they say. With Trump’s face everywhere I can believe it. But my allergies tell me otherwise. Can a goose have allergies?

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