We shit and fell back into it

Texans often say it the best.  “We shit and fell back into it,” wrote my friend Carol the morning after the elections. oliviaWell, crap.  Can’t say it better than that. To my blogging buddies in other countries, before you start waving the “you’re not welcome here” and “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it” flags in our faces, keep in mind that the US is in this predicament precisely because of the rhetoric of fear and if you think it can’t happen in your country, just look around. Fascism is on the rise in all countries and it feeds on fear. So don’t feed the beast. Just wish us well. Thank you.

Anyway back to the election, for the past five days I’ve been buzzing around the pile of shit we’ve landed in, trying to make some sense of the senseless and coming up blank.

Until today.

Sunday’s the day I generally work outside, taking a break every now and then to watch either classic movies or re-runs of Law & Order which run all day long.  I generally don’t pay much attention to the plots. The shows are just background noise while checking email or reading blogs.  But I did perk up when I recognized one of the characters. As my mother would say “Holy Crow.  It’s Robin Williams!”


I had been listening to a Law & Order episode called “Authority:”

Synopsis (from wiki): A fast-food restaurant employee files a complaint with the police after being subjected to a strip search on the premises. The search was conducted by her manager, who claims that an NYPD detective called him with information that this employee was stealing from the business. However, the call turns out to be a hoax, one of several perpetrated by an individual going by the pseudonym “Milgram.” It does not take long for the detectives to connect the calls to an audio engineer who delights in flouting and opposing authority figures every chance he gets.

To make a long story short, Milgram (Williams) gets arrested and goes to trial where he convinces the jury that they shouldn’t follow authority figures.  It doesn’t matter that he’s a liar and a conman, his message resonates and suddenly he’s got thousands of followers anxious to act on his every word. The result, a giant pillow fight that does nothing more than make his followers feel like they have power. But in reality they’ve traded order for chaos.


Sound familiar?

Of course, the week didn’t get any better.  Goodbye Leonard. We are ugly but we have the music.

22 thoughts on “We shit and fell back into it

  1. You’ll be fine; good heavens after all you gave us McDonalds and fast food,so I really don’t think Trump will add to the damage. Anyways, you guys have always been isolationist: take sport – the whole world plays the same games except you who insist on having ‘world series’ that only you and the Canadians play. Hey ho, we’ll still join you in whatever stupid fight you want to start: that’s part of the British bellicose DNA after all.

    1. I’ve never understood why we call it the World Series either. It is looking more and more like the Trump campaign was a giant pillow fight. He’s backtracking on a lot of the hate rhetoric. (sorry about McDonalds…)

  2. VPUB said it best. There will be more elections, but Leonardo Cohen was a wonderfully unique talent 😦

    I fear that the election of Trump is just further evidence that we are dumbing down as a society. No silver lining in that long run prognosis 😦

  3. It seems to me that the world is regressing back toward nationalism, the UK is no exception. One can but hope that this kind of rhetoric is much the same as that which spews from most politicians mouths. Mostly lies.

  4. Jan, there’s a man called Juan Cole and he’s a genius. Here’s a link to what he had to say about Trump’s victory. It’s not exactly short but in my opinion it should be required reading for every US Democrat AND for the rest of us. http://www.juancole.com/2016/11/rebelled-neoliberalism-literally.html

    I’ll just add what I’m certain was a crucial factor in Clinton’s collapse, a factor which virtually every part of the media have been trying to airbrush from recent history since shortly after it became known: Bernie Sanders was shafted by the Democratic establishment. And it would have followed that a significant percentage of Bernie Sanders supporters did not vote for Clinton when it came to the crunch.

  5. I’m not overly familiar with Cohen, but it’s always sad when the world loses a huge creative soul. As for Trump… it’s crazy how Back to the Future predicted him rising to power. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  6. `Fascism is on the rise in all countries and it feeds on fear. So don’t feed the beast. Just wish us well´. … Quite right dear Jan… The collective psychosis of fear is such a bad counselor. it is good to be critical and warned though… but I think both Obama and Clinton wanted to spread a positive message for the times ahead.
    Things change and when it comes to politics we do, redo and undo… It is quite irrational but it`s the people´s choice, so… at the end of the day, it is what it is…
    Sending love and best wishes . Aquileana 🙂

    1. Thank you Aquileana. I was surprised by the number of bloggers who assumed that Americans would be flooding into their country after the Trump election and decided to make it known that we would not be welcome. Left me scratching my head for a number of reasons, not the least of which Trump began his campaign by stoking the fear country folk have of the “others.”

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