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rd.com June 2014 rd.com June 2014

Deeply troubled by the reports of violence against the Jews in Europe, Gil Kraus decided to rescue children from the clutches of Nazi Germany. His posh home and successful law practice in Philadelphia were treasures he could let go. Even with two kids, 13 and 9 – and perhaps because of them – he was willing to confront danger for families suffering terror. His wife Eleanor, won over to his vision, prepared affidavits from people who signed on to help support the kids financially. When she was kept from joining him on the voyage to Europe, Gil convinced their friend and children’s pediatrician Dr. Robert Schless to take her place. The men found themselves in Austria which, swept into the Third Reich, saw Jews by the tens of thousands in a panic to flee. At Gil’s urging, Eleanor caught the next ship out across the Atlantic.

rd.com June 2014 rd.com…

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  1. This is a fascinating piece of history about people who went beyond their comfort zone to “do the right thing,” Jan! Wow!! Thanks for sharing this and will go over and comment on original, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jan.

      1. It also includes her family’s story which added layers and depth to her post. It is so poignant and touching. These are the stories which represent our country and its heritage. I included my own grandparents’ story which Diana wrote a warm comment for me.

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