Just pictures, a poem and a song

We’re having the stone floors in the kitchen cleaned and the sound and smells are nasty.  Grinding machines and heavy duty chemicals. The poor kitty thinks it’s the end of the world, and Joel has fled to parts unknown.  I can’t even hear myself think.

Poor kitty hiding for dear life


March is here, but not Spring. Some days are sunny.

Some are dreary.


Warm places to hang are hard to come by. 

Time for poetry.

And a song. From the amazingly talented: That Happy Family.

38 thoughts on “Just pictures, a poem and a song

  1. The Wayside Shrines – I love that. Yes, here’s to everyday ordinary miracles and sights. However, with a grinder in the house, I’d hiding in the corner like your kitty. Good luck!

  2. Not to worry, Jan. I’ve been trying to ignore hearing myself think of late because it has gotten so noisy up there of late that as a result, I actually am hearing myself think—while am trying to write! Just one interruption after another. No wonder all my work is riddled with errors!

    1. I know the feeling. Sometimes I read my responses to people’s posts and gag. But I understand where you’re coming from – sometimes life just gets in the way of writing.

  3. Nothing lasts forever , thank goodness. Poor kitty, she will get past this. It will all be worth it when the floor bis done and the air is full of Spring.

    1. We have so much maintenance to do on the house that Kitty will eventually have to get over it. Or the house could fall down around our head I guess….; )

  4. Cats are so sensitive… Mine was really scared when reparations were made at my place to… Lovely pics, and highlights!…. Good luck with this… Best wishes 😉

  5. This reminds me of something Richard Burton (the actor) said: I’d rather pray to old roadside stone fences than beneath the cross of a church. Communion with the clouds and blessed by the wind. Thanks. Duke

  6. Aww, I simply loved your happy family performances, Jan.
    The pretty pink posy and the dreary sky spring and winter sky (conflict amok!!) Were both reminders to be happy no matter what the weather, as long as we make Progress on the gun reform. . . 🌸💮

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