The Ugly D Word

In April we should be complaining about the incessant rainfall here in California. But it’s dry and, although it’s beautiful outside, the dreaded D word echoes in the news: Drought.

It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t enjoy beautiful weather without worrying that the Rain Gods have abandoned you and may never return again.

Clouds float overhead but … no rain in the forecast.

But who in the face of Drought or Death or even Disease, can resist smiling in a field of Daisies? Not me.

22 thoughts on “The Ugly D Word

  1. I’ve never thought of April as a wet month in CA, but maybe where you are it sometimes is. I console myself by saying, my misery doesn’t help the drought. If it did, I would be miserable to help. But as you said, sometimes it is better to just enjoy the gorgeous weather.

  2. Love it.
    I wonder about the prevalence of positive or negative words given their first letter. “M” seems wrought with woe. “D” too, seems unbalanced toward the morose.

  3. Droughts kind of scare me. The concept of them, having only experienced one brief one here once in my lifetime. Stay safe. And the photos are wonderful.

  4. We just don’t have dependable weather anymore. Hurricane Alley in Florida has changed location. Michigan has mild winters and brutally cold springs. And the fires are just out of control. Hope you get some rain soon, Jan!

  5. I think many folks who have rain falling down throughout the year, and abundantly, don’t really understand the fear and dread of a drought. Having been burned out for a year due to wildfires, and many subsequent autumns fleeing in evacuation, I have dread, even though I try not to. The smoky, orange air; not being able to open your house windows for weeks on end, wearing N95 masks indoors with all the doors and windows sealed, not sleeping well due to congestion, never knowing if you’re going to have to flee. I try not to get too thoughtful ahead of it, but at the same time I’m thinking of how I can better live through the next drought. We take in the beautiful spring flowers and hope. Because you’re right, how can you not smile in a field of daisies. Wonderful post, Jan.

    1. I can recall years of drought being followed by years of flooding and kicking myself for not enjoying the beautiful days … however, years of flooding seem to be less and less which is worrisome (unless you’re in a flood zone!) It must be strange for people from the UK when we get so excited over a rain storm!

  6. There’s something about a rainy afternoon in the summer, isn’t there – when the world turns green, and the flowers bow down under their own weight 🙂

  7. When I see these pics, it’s hard to believe there is ever drought where you are.
    However, every year we see reports on the fires in California, and it seems like the entire state is burning down. More “D” words…. devastation, destruction, DAMN!!!

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