Some days are just that way

It’s one of those days when the sun won’t come out to play. It’s not that cold but everything is damp and so … it feels downright frigid.

At 7:30 I awoke to the wailing of the cat. He had dental surgery yesterday but refuses to take his pain medication like a man or even a brave cat. He prefers to meow in misery and then run off to hide when he spots me with a syringe. Eventually I gave up.

Then I got an email from my favorite apocalyptic poet reporting further evidence that we’re headed for cataclysmic doom and gloom … increased lightning strikes on the polar ice caps. Look on the light side, I felt like saying. Perhaps it’s the universe using electroshock therapy to jolt us into sanity? It worked for Sylvia Plath, right?

Lightning over the Pacific

Around noon it dawned on me that I should soak one of the kitty’s treats in the liquid pain killer and then conceal the treat in his bowl of wet food. I was hoping that since the pain killer didn’t seem to have any odor, it didn’t have any taste as well. Of course, I didn’t let the kitty see me spiking his food. Apparently it worked. Kitty is now sleeping soundly. Well, as soundly as a kitty ever does.

I had just gotten cozy and was about to start work on the book I’m editing when Joel (hubby) brought in a Tommee Tippee package addressed to a Francis Houston at this address. “Find out if she lives nearby. I’m cooking,” he said. We get packages for our neighbors all the time. But as far as I could tell through google searches, etc., there was no Francis Houston in my town. Don’t know what to do with the package as there was no return address. Need a Tommee Tippee cup?

At three o’clock I got a call from the vet. He wanted me to know that during surgery they found out the cat has a chip. Someone cared about him enough to have a chip installed. However they never registered him. Happy news, said the vet. We can register him ourselves. But what if word gets back to his real owners …. do you think, after six years, they’ll want to claim him? Think they’ll settle for a Tommee Tippee cup?

This may be the last you hear from me. I hear prison sentences for stolen Tommee Tippee cups are quite long. Yes, some days.

37 thoughts on “Some days are just that way

  1. Cut cats! I have 2 senior dogs that are getting harder to manage because they can’t walk too far. They’re both 13 years old. One of them should be on pain killers but he isn’t. His back legs shake and we think he’s got arthritis.

      1. Sorry, I meant “cute.” Yeah, as animals get older they can sometimes be a challenge to take care of. But luckily my husband helps a lot in terms of walking them. Even mundane days can be filled with joy having pets.

  2. The cat in question is beautiful. I think that he deserves all the goodness that comes his way. As for cataclysmic doom… well, isn’t that just another day now? That and existential angst, of course.

  3. Being British, nothing surprises me about the US justice system. I’ve never got my head around locking someone away from 150 years. It speaks of the quality of the jails that they can keep you going that long. Or maybe life is measured in the same biblical chunks that measured Abraham as being 973 years old when he eventually got patrolled. Have you checked to see if the cup has been chipped. Maybe that’s the message to take away. Or maybe some god decided you needed it to feed the cat its opiates. Or it’s a cunning distraction while the apocalypse sneaks up on you….

    1. I was an advocate in the foster care system and the problem really starts there. That system is totally broken and just about useless. The prisons are filled with former foster children.

  4. Glad you finally figured out how to outwit the cat. Sounds a bit like trying to be smarter than a child or opening a child-proof cap. BTW, I think the statue of limitations on catnapping is 2 years, 5 month, and six days so you should be safe. 🙂


  5. hahah – laughing at the sippee cup you had delivered. And very interesting about the chip they found – also – your cat has such soft fur – you can tell fro the photos – wow – like down

      1. JT – that is so our culture right now – the crazy free shipping has people not even worried abut condensing orders – there are options in some checkouts to combine orders – but the whole online retail has really made it super easy to click and get a sip cup delivered like that )and of course the mishaps – like it going to your house – hahah)

  6. Phew! I’m glad you found a way to get those meds into the kitty. As for the Tommee Tippee cup, I’d send it back to the supplier saying ‘person not known at this address.’ Who knows? They may even send you a discount code to buy another Tommee Tippee cup for being so honest.

    1. Good idea but according to the package it contains one cup – I went on line and the cost of one cup is about eight dollars. I doubt the manufacturer wants to pay the cost of return shipping! The postal rates here are through the roof! I posted a note on our community bulletin board so we’ll see!

  7. I’m constantly amazed at how cats seem to know when we’re plotting against them. Every cat I’ve had could always tell when medicine was coming, a trip to the vet was planned, or we were moving. I didn’t think I had done anything out of the ordinary to tip off the cat, but on those days the cat would always be unusually difficult to find.

    1. Actually this is the most difficult cat I’ve ever had. He’s just certain we’re up to no good. Maybe he knows something we don’t! Nice to meet you, GG!

  8. Glad to hear Pretty Kitty made his way back home and you found a way to get him to take his pain meds. I hope you don’t lose him to the chip owners. Maybe if you charge them for the vet bills they will let you keep him 😉 …maybe they moved away. Keep us posted.
    The sun’s out and this is the warmest day this week – rejoice!

    1. I guess some vets don’t check for chips when you bring in a stray which is a shame. We didn’t really want a cat but felt obliged to take care of him. I have no idea how much we’ve spent but the last bill alone was almost $900. He’s had so much dental work that he no longer seems to want to go outside anymore!

  9. LOL! At least if you go to prison, you’ll have your own cup.
    Poor kitty. I hope he’s okay soon. Cat’s have a high pain threshold, so if he’s in discomfort and meowing… that’s a lot for a cat.
    When will he be better? He is amazing beautiful!

    1. I’m sure I’ll be real popular in prison with my sippee cup! The cat had major dental surgery … poor thing and poor us! I think we suffered more than him.

  10. Fantastic and funny discourse, Jan, that had me constantly chuckling and guffawing. You perfectly described one of those days with the wailing cat and his tooth pain and how you resolved that one, then the mis-delivered cup that’s so weird looking, and the apocalyptic friend. Terrific post.

  11. What a beautiful cat! And quite well fed from the looks of him. (I feel you puss. I’m looking quite fluffy myself these days as well) As for planetary electro shock, I’m all for it. A lot of us need to smarten up.

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