On this Wednesday in the middle of nowhere

Baby Roses defrosting.
The rain catcher on the job. Ever hopeful.

The Red Quill got foliage but never bloomed. Now it is starting to fade.
Pickle ball set waiting for me to get healthy (and brave) enough to try again.

This isn’t the first time in my life that the world has teetered on the brink because of a ruthless dictator, but it is the first time a former US president has sided with the dictator. I have hope and do believe diplomacy will prevail, but nothing can save a party that roots for the destruction of the democracy that allows it to exist.

And that makes me very sad on this Wednesday in the middle of nowhere.

R. Tagore, Fireflies

31 thoughts on “On this Wednesday in the middle of nowhere

  1. Didn’t we defeat the fascists in WWII? I could have sworn we did. Apparently, they are alive and well in Florida. Duke

  2. Your photos are soothing whereas the situation in this country is truly awful. I can’t believe the attitudes of so many people. It’s sad and terrifying.

      1. I’m beyond sad and have gone to angry and despairing. I’ve always tried to have hope but that’s becoming more and more difficult.

  3. Russian footfalls and tanks break our fragile peace once again. The ripples hit us all even on this tiny island. It’s very deeply sad! Your wquote about God waiting for his temple to be made of love and men bringing stones is heartbreakingly apt. … please God help us all. 💜💜💜

  4. I found my wy to your blog — Ally sent me so to speak. I started my blog the same year as you which is why I chose to drop in and read your post today. I loved that you used the word HOPE as that is my word for the year but man this seems like a touch day to find it. Thanks for those lovely pictures — we are still deep in winter where I live so it’s lovely to see colours other than white. Bernie

    1. Hi Bernie! Hope that’s your name. This morning we woke up to frost over everything … so we haven’t quite gotten to spring yet! Hard to have hope indeed. But the world is united against Putin so that is hopeful.

      1. JT — yes that’s my name. I agree that the world, at this moment, seems united so we will take that as a hopeful sign. Yes spring is quite a ways away from my world here in the prairies! Bernie

  5. Wonderful to see the sweet elements of your life, Jan, with the defrosting roses and duck rain gauge. It has been a disturbing week with Russia and Ukraine, much agreed, and as for our former president, well, he’s just a lunatic, there’s no other explanation. Your duck rain gauge could be a better prez. Topsy-turvy times.

  6. If the Rain Catcher never collects a drop, maybe you could fill it with beer. Quite the conversation piece it would make.
    Russia has ~145 million people, which is nothing compared to the world’s population. ( 40%.
    Let’s make Tzar Putin a deal: You can have Ukraine, but the West gets all of Siberia and Eastern Russia. Kamchatka is brutally beautiful and is 2/3’s the size of California.
    Maybe China wants a piece… 1.5 billion people just to the south of Russia might want to expand their territory north…

  7. The whole Ukrainian situation is completely mind boggling to me. I don’t understand how this has happened on the heels of the pandemic and given the circumstances of WW1 and WW2. As for Trump, he is a very strange man. Edward VIII of England was believed to be a Nazi sympathiser. Thank goodness he abdicated.

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