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Let's hear it for the 
World's oldest profession!

We all need to do our bit to keep hookers in business and paying taxes so, fellow Nevadans – buy more books, more clothes, more toys, etc.  from Amazon. According to this entertaining article in Business Week, the more you buy, the less the ladies of the night have to discount their services and maybe, just maybe, we can afford to take care of our indigent mental patients instead of applying “Greyhound Therapy.”

You're never too old...

Good news all you post menopausal ladies! According to this same article in Business Week, you can become a prostitute at age 49 and rise to the rank of madam by the time you’re 63.

“Austin (63), who said she became a prostitute at 49 before becoming a madam, said the Mustang Ranch is seeing fewer clients than five years ago, though she wouldn’t provide figures.”

Just think, a new career opportunity awaits you, one in which you don’t have to be a former Swim Suit Model of the year but it won’t hurt business.  Benefits are, you can sleep in, you get weekly tests for venereal disease and, depending on your establishment, free room and board comes as part of the deal.

UNBM adds the study of louche delights to its curriculum...

In it’s efforts to attract quality athletes from all over the world, the University of Nevada Battle Mountain has added Sociological Repercussions of the Louche Delights Industry to its curriculum for the fall quarter of 2013.  Unfortunately most of the incoming football players ignored the course entirely as they don’t own a dictionary.  However, the professor, Dr. J. Allen Gooseman, was delighted to find his classroom full of be-speckled journalism majors all of whom were dead set on writing a Pulitzer Prize winning piece on the prostitution industry.

A sentence I wished I'd written..

“Flint has hedged his bet on fornication: He also owns Chapel of the Bells, a Reno wedding service, where his office is decorated with portraits of Napoleon.”

Ah Nevada…

Why Nevada…

I was raised in Reno, Nevada, which I always thought I could put behind me, but…


The closest I ever came to being a cowgirl!

You know how these things go. Nevada just keeps popping up in my writing, as a setting, a dreaded past, or even as a character. So many other writers have set their novels in Nevada that I did a little investigation to find out how their stories differed from mine. What I found out was, the state has cast its spell on many a writer in much the same way as it did on me.

When you talk about Nevada, most people think Vegas.  And is it true, hundreds of contemporary novels have been set in Sin City (and Sin City North – Reno). Apparently there are more than enough greedy millionaires, soulless gangsters, cunning thieves, pretty heiresses, hard-nosed detectives, and clueless tourists in those towns to satisfy a multitude of writers.


Set in a “fictional” town in Nevada. Stephen King based the story on a real road trip he took through the state.

However, when writers switch their attention inland to the “real” Nevada,  it’s remarkable how the same themes have prevailed: travelers trapped in isolated desert towns where they are toyed with by evil forces (“Skin” and ”Desolation”), UFO encounters that lead to strange maladies and mental afflictions (“Strangers”), and doomsday thrillers generally involving the military or CIA.

I am no different.  When I think of rural Nevada, all of the above themes seem remarkably plausible to me. I’m certain I ran into the arachnid shift-changers of “Scorpio Rising” outside of Ely, an isolated town near the border of Nevada and Utah.

Of course, I’ve only skimmed the surface of the many fine novels set in that other house. The one I can’t seem to escape.  Apparently, once trapped on one of Nevada’s many endless roads, one can never really escape!

One of Nevada's many endless roads. It took almost an hour to get to the mountains on the horizon.

Somewhere between Fallon and Eureka. It took almost an hour to get to the mountains on the horizon.

Coming soon:  Whorehouses, giant red-haired cannibals, the many uses of bat guano, and aliens, of course, aliens.  You can’t talk about Nevada without mentioning aliens.