Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 11:Rust

Hugh over at Hugh Views and News is a delightful blogger who, among other things, has a weekly photo challenge which I don’t expect to ever win but a few days ago on my way home from the dentist’s I ran across this scene.


A wheelbarrow which these days is more decorative than utilitarian. It rested outside in the rain against my neighbor’s fence.  I’ve often wondered why it hasn’t been stolen like so many decorative yard art pieces in our neighborhood. Maybe it weighs a ton!

Funny thing how rust, which often renders an object useless, can also make it a work of art.  If only, as we aged and rusted, we were viewed as a works of art and not useless!

To all my friends of a certain age, I see you as works of art.

Here is Hugh’s challenge. 

Lazy Blogger’s Day: Old Thangs

This week I’ve been having an email discussion with a group of friends I’ve known for a long time, thus our discussion has centered on the issues we face: elderly parents and soon to be elderly us. But rather than delve into what is the most depressing topic (other than the sinking stock market and the ascendency of Dunce Trump)  I’m just going to post a picture one of the oldest thangs I’ve ever seen:


The inside of the Pharos (lighthouse) at Dover Castle England.



Outside view of the Pharos.

Of course, as lighthouses go this one is well past its prime but it was interesting to learn that during the bombing of England (WWII), Hitler was insistent the castle be spared; the surrounding town was not so fortunate.

The good thing about getting older is we get to be silly again. (Of course, some of us never stopped but that’s another story!)  Do something silly today!

Lazy Blogger Day: Alone


When the sun goes down,
I know I am alone.
I may be loved today,
I may be loved tomorrow,
But all things change.
All things.

When my toes sink beneath
a billion, trillion grains of sand,
waves sing golden,
and stars promise to
guide my way
till the dying day of
my eternity
I am alone but of all things.


Lazy Blogger’s Day, Auggie 12


Sign in shop in London. You think they really were?

In honor of Lazy Blogger’s Day – three totally unrelated pictures.  Can you make a story out of them?  If you can I’ll post it here on Ye Olde Twissel Bloggie!


Maimed sculpture in the British Museum. What do you think the model was doing with her arms and legs?


Beautiful penmanship but what do you think this person’s name was?

Okay, that’s it. Happy Lazy Blogger’s Day!