I might change my mind!

Generally I don’t read much into a blood moon.  I’ve seen a few and, while spectacular and often magical, nothing earth shaking happened.  Life went on as before.  Time did not stop. But the sight I saw from my back deck this afternoon got me thinking maybe I was wrong.  Just to be safe, I’m not going to squash the next ant that comes crawling across the table.


I almost blinded myself getting this shot.  I’m sure it’s just a halo caused by the overcast sky and not an omen of impending doom but the air outside is muggy and even though it’s a Sunday afternoon the sound of children playing is oddly missing.  I came back inside and watched the Pope.

By the way, I believe the small blue object to the left and below the sun was caused by the camera and not a space ship coming to take us away but who knows.

IMG_0778As you can see from the above, it’s getting closer! Hopefully we’ll all be here tomorrow but if not, well, it’s been swell knowing you!