Walking the Res

Ah, once again, another Blogger’s Lazy Day (known as #WordlessWednesday to Twitterbugs)


“I hope you don’t mind. I let myself in, dude. Time to party!”

First an update on the animal party taking place in our cellar, (Maybe it’s a Drunken Kangaroo) it took about five minutes for Crocodile Dundee to find a hole beneath our deck that has eluded us for, I dunno – 20 years!  In his words “That hole’s so large, I’m surprised you didn’t run into an elephant in your cellar.”  I felt as stupid as the time I paid a refrigerator repair man $75 to tell me the darn thing was on the fritz because the freezer door wasn’t closed all the way.   Have you ever paid someone to point out what a ninny you’ve been?

Okay, back to wordlessness or, in this case, the reservoir near my house . . .


Greeted by a hungry family. Sorry guys, no treats!


On Sundays the lake echoes with the laughter of paddle-boaters as they embark on pirate adventures


One of the more secluded fishing holes.


The view from a path above the reservoir.