Good Grief!


My post from the beginning of 2015 still seems appropriate! So I’m reposting it with a few minor additions.

Well folks, t’is officially the year 2015.  That other year – an old sod called 2014 – is dead and gone and I have nothing to say but…good grief!!

The good I can sum up in one word – you!  Because of all you lovely folks who’ve stopped  and commented on my meanderings I haven’t given up blogging and taken up knitting. A good thing as I get suicidal with knitting needles in my hands – I’m that hopeless with yarn.


Twilight Zone episode entitled “Number 12 looks Just like Me,” circa 1964 which postulates that in 2000 we’ll look exactly like super models whether we want to or not!

The grief, oh my. I think we can all agree there was too much grief last year, including the unspeakable horror of planes falling from the skies (2015 griefs: the refugee crisis, the attack on Paris, the insane rhetoric of the IRA in defense of lax gun laws and the buffoonery of the Republican debates, to name just a few).  Speaking of bizarre incidents, if you watched any episodes of the Twilight Zone marathon that ran stateside on New Year’s Day you probably noticed that many of the episodes were set in the year 2000.  In the fifties, sci-fi writers apparently envisioned the turn of the century as a time when we’d all have our own personal robots and take vacations on Mars.  A lot has happened since the black and white days of television which I’m sure the writers could not have envisioned but here it is 2015 and I’m absolutely certain man will not live on Mars in my lifetime.

Others, such as musician Prince, envisioned the turn of the century as the end of civilization. 

 Party Like it’s 1999

1999But when I woke up this morning,
Coulda sworn it was judgment day.
The sky was all purple,
There were people running everywhere,
Trying to run from the destruction,
You know I didn’t even care.
Yeah, everybody’s got a bomb,
We could all die any day
But before I’ll let that happen,

I’ll dance my life away…

Then there was the Y2K bug, a glitch in the computer programs running the world (the financial industries, the airlines, the hospitals, etc., etc) that some predicted would bring to a halt life as we knew on January 1, 2000. Gun sales soared, survivalists stocked up for prolonged life in bunkers, and many companies shelled out big bucks for Y2K experts.  Well, gun companies made money, bunker salesmen made money and tech guys struck it rich but for the rest of us, life went on. 

Mayan-CalendarAnother predicted end of the world was 2012, when the Mayan calendar ran out.  However, that proved to be another technological glitch having more to do with the foibles of man than the apocalypse.

So I’m not even going to comment on what this year will bring.  Probably not what I expect but that’s life, dealing with the unexpected.

By the way, to all who celebrate, a blessed Feast of the Epiphany.  This day always brings to mind memories of a beautiful French woman and her spectacular Galette des Rois!

Here’s to you Frannie!