These books are no longer in print but if you’re interested, I have plenty of hard copies. I am currently combining the original Flipka (published in 2014) with its sequel, Return to Echoing Waters.

Title: Flipka

Genre/Keywords: Fiction, Reluctant Sleuth, Humor
Length: 184 pages
Publisher: Booktrope
Release date: October 2013


Book Summary:

Thirty-four year old Fiona Butters works backstage at a Vegas show creating props nightly for the performers. It’s a life full of magic and wonder that she adores and so when the owner of the casino discovers her past and strong arms her into doing him a favor, she can’t say no.

Praise for Flipka

“Funny, suspenseful, entertaining, erudite (Lamarck!), this book showed me a good time. JT Twissel owns Nevada like Fellini owns Rome.”

“A swell introduction to a new — female — detective series (I hope). Twissel’s Nevada brings Hiaasen’s South Florida to mind, in all the best ways… “

Read more here.

Title The Graduation Present


Genre/Keywords: Fiction, Coming of Age, Humor, Travel
Length:164 pages
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Release date:  June 2014
ISBN: 978-1-62015-347-5
Purchase: Amazon


Book Summary

An innocent trip to retrieve a vintage sports car from a shop in Milan lands young Riley O’Tannen in hot water with the Swiss authorities in this comedy of misadventures and naive assumptions.

Praise for:

“Following her hilarious novel FLIPKA, J.T. Twissel brings us another unlikely heroine – an anti-war hippy waif on her first trip to Europe to visit her raunchy (but humorous and harmless) uncle who is an army accountant or very possibly a CIA Spy.”

Read more here.


Title: Willful Avoidance
Genre/Keywords: Women’s Contemporary Fiction, Legal Thriller, Dark humor
Length: 212 pages
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Release date:  June 2015
ISBN: 978-1-62015-345-1
Purchase: Amazon


Book Summary

When the curtain falls, Maya Bethany is left with a conniving ex-husband, a string of temp jobs from hell, and a tax debt she couldn’t pay off in a million years.  Enter a no-nonsense tax attorney who’d rather be rescuing horses.  Fourteen years of tax cases has left him with a hard and cynical shell while she is ready to do battle, confident that they will win.  The title is from a section of the tax code designed to provide relief for taxpayers who were duped and mislead by an ex-spouse.

Praise for Willful Avoidance:

“I truly enjoyed reading “Willful Avoidance”. Knowing it was written from a true experience, I was amazed at the length of time and diligence needed to prove one’s innocence. I loved JT Twissel’s sense of humor and experienced several ‘laugh out loud’ moments throughout the book. Good read!”

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