#ThursdayDoors: I want out

backdoorThis is my back door.  Those of you following this blog will  recognize this sunflower as my Pilgrim. A volunteer onto my shore like Pretty Kitty. We had to bring her inside because the temps have started to dip  below freezing and being inside is her only hope. But she wants out.

faceathedoorI understand because since the moment I first gained consciousness, I’ve felt the same way.  What?  This planet again.

swansongYes, she must release her seeds into the world and yes, their future is unclear.

I feel like her.  I want out of a world where mass shootings are the norm.

22 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: I want out

  1. I hear you on this world, Jan, and the NRA too. So much of the world is innocent and peaceful, but these shitheads are doing their best to ruin it all. I’m so sad and so angry all at once.

    1. She’s about to give birth to a whole bunch of baby sunflowers – I’ll take her outside tomorrow – when the sun is out so she can let them fly!

    1. I’d have to agree with you. If the killing of five year olds, social workers, and people praying doesn’t rattle them nothing will.

  2. Great parallel. There are too many vested interests keeping the NRA in the driving seat. Your words mademe think of a remarkable English singer and composer Anthony Newley who wrote and took the lead role in a London musical Stop the World – I want to get off. (He also wrote Feelin’ Good – for Nina Simone – and many other great numbers).

    1. Thanks Colm! Coincidentally some one just sent me a video for Pure Imagination (from Willie Wonka) which he also wrote. I remember him also as a great actor!

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