#ThursdayDoors: Bucolic


I love the happy faces of well-kept barns, don’t you? I couldn’t get close enough to take a picture of the actual doors without going through the cow pen which would have been trespassing (as well as very messy).

I bet you think I took this picture out in farm country, right? Actually we were on the campus of the University of Maryland, about 20 minutes from downtown Washington DC. This is “The Farm” where agricultural students learn all about animal husbandry.



The students not only tend the cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and horses but they’re also famous for their hand-churned ice-cream.  I’ve never encountered a working farm in the middle of a university campus but I definitely like the idea.  I can’t think of anything more stress-reducing before finals than having a conversation with a pig.  Can you?

Check out Norm’s #ThursdayDoors challenge.  It’s always interesting to see doors from around the world.

24 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Bucolic

  1. That’s a beautiful barn. I’ve seen these on a few campuses that I have visited. In my humble opinion, college agricultural program ice cream is some of the best ice cream you can get.

  2. My baby brother, Harrison, was obsessed with farms when he was little. We would stand in 100-plus degree heat on the CSU Fresno campus and watch the mama pig give birth. Tho I was 18 and mostly swallowing down puke and dust, I loved the pure excitement he had for these little lives. When I’d had enough of the smells and sights, I’d wander off to watch the sheep graze. It truly was peaceful.

    Thanks for the photo and memories, Jan.

    • HA! Jenn–I was going to respond with Harrison’s love of the CSU Fresno farm, especially the pigs! What fun times visiting there–even through the 100 degree heat and the horrid smells. Funny how little Harrison didn’t even notice the adverse conditions as he reveled in the pigs and cows.

    • He grew up to work in a start-up in San Francisco. However, he has many fond memories of those animals and is kind and decent to all living things.

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