Doors at the Crossroads

It’s been too long since I’ve been Doorscaping.  And so today I stopped on my daily walk to take a picture of a few historic though rather plain doors.  

This is the door to my town’s oldest restaurant, Casa Orinda.  It’s been in the same location for 84 years, predating the freeway through town, the tunnel that leads to the town and the town itself.  It’s founder, John Snow, was a cowboy from Montana and thus it’s interior boasts of a mahogany bar, hand-carved reliefs and an antique gun collection.  Although the ambiance has been described as “spaghetti western,” their signature dish is Southern Fried Chicken.

Even the storage unit at the back of the restaurant sports an antique lantern.

Across the street from Casa Orinda sits the De Laveaga Train Station which is only a landmark today.  However from this spot, the short lived California and Nevada railroad hauled produce from the valley over the hills and to the docks.

It’s a very tiny structure but then the railway only catered to passengers in its final years.  Today it remains locked.

However, someone put a welcome sign in front.

I’m sure you’ll all be welcome over at Norms’ Place for his weekly #ThursdayDoors challenge. 


20 thoughts on “Doors at the Crossroads

    1. It’s actually very dark inside Casa Orinda – there are no windows. But the idea of remodeling the old place is out of the question for many old-time Orinda residents.

  1. I’ve walked or driven by Casa Orinda many times and never noticed the nice door. No windows! They must have been hot yesterday when the power went out -it was 103 in the shade at our place just up the hill. (But maybe they have a big generator so they can stay open)

    1. I imagine they probably shut down. Luckily for them, Monday is generally pretty quiet for restaurants. I went out for some fresh air early this Monday (around 7:30-8:00) and it was already muggy. Hope you guys are staying cool down there.

  2. 84 years old and specializes in fried chicken? Sign me up! That storage door, shot from that angle — that’s good stuff. Great doors!

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