Ode to an old gas guzzler

I love the sight of thee,
symbol of liberty.

Oh thee I sing.
How many trips you’ve known
far far far from home.
From sunny Malibu to far off Nome
I love you so.

Rattling like a top,
engine about to pop,
Did you just see a cop?

Swallow the pot!

Thou art a joy to me,
Though thy owner
art crotchety God bless him for he still
….  loveth the trees.

This bit of silliness was inspired by a 1960s era VW van which I spotted in the parking lot of (where else) Trading Joe’s.  The driver caused quite a headache for the politically correct Priuses and Leafs anxious to get in and out before the July 4th crush for party supplies commenced. It wasn’t hard to guess what all the smirking drivers were thinking. Gas guzzling and noisy, driven by some old coot determined to back into a slot intended for “compacts only.”  What a nuisance!  But when I see one I think of independence in its truer sense.  Being faithful to who you are and to your ideals.

Because there’s a door somewhere here, I entering this in Norm’s Thursday Door extravaganza. I’m sure if you head on over you will be treated to some very good photography and interesting perspective on doors.  

Now I’m off to our small town parade which is always a gas.  Here are some blasts from past parades:  4th of July Rehash and The Girl with the Flag in her Hair

Be safe!

25 thoughts on “Ode to an old gas guzzler

  1. It’s been well-used and still living up to the challenge. It’s true that the old VWs are icons of a past age. It’s becoming hard to distinguish the vehicle from the person.

    1. It was a fun day – lots of vintage cars on display, lots of marching bands but unfortunately also lots of people. The park was so full of people you could hardly more around. But I’m sure the local charities dependent on the event made a lot of money and that is good.

    1. My take on “My Country T’is of Thee” only I’m not a talented enough lyricist to have pulled it off completely. So I gave up when ahead. Hope you are doing well – haven’t seen anything from you in awhile. Miss your charming posts.

      1. I loved your take on the song. Yes, I have kind of slacked off at posting on my blog of late haven’t I? That seems to have become something of a bad habit of mine and one I need to correct. It is nice to know my quirky humor still resonates. Thank you, Jan. New post coming this week.

  2. I bought a 1963 VW van from a hippie in Costa Rica and drove it all the way to the States in my early 20ies. People asked if I was scared driving alone (except for two toddlers): once when soldiers with machine guns stopped us – but otherwise not until we hit LA. I had never driven over 50 mph much less in traffic. I had a panic attack.

  3. To many people my age, a VW van is a symbol of freedom to hit the road with friends. Freedom from living a conventional life. It’s still a thrill to see one still rumbling about.

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