ThursdayDoors: The Music of the Spheres

A few weeks before Christmas while cleaning out the storage area under the house in preparation for a new furnace and some asbestos removal work, I found this long neglected print.

The artist, a childhood friend, called it “The Music of the Spheres.”  It dates back to a time, when young, we both gave unconditionally of ourselves and our work, fully expecting that the universe always made right the innocent.  And it does, although not in the ways we expect.  I framed the print and it sits on the piano.  A good start to a New Year, making right at least one of the treasures cruelly hidden in storage.

I rarely post pictures of my family but here, for Norm’s Thursday Doors is my favorite picture from Christmas.  This little critter likes to slam doors in the faces of his elders.  I suspect he will find many fine doors to slam in his lifetime.

He sometimes gets along with this damsel of the neon lockes.

But she’s rapidly approaching the teenage years.  Oh my.  Enjoy – I tell the parents because the sun sets on everything.  Every year and every innocent friendship of youth.




Above, the last sunset of 2019 reflected in the window of a mobile home in a state park accessible to all.

Reflected in the wall of a gated community just across the street.

Looking up as the sky grew dark.

I hope this next year you uncover many hidden treasures, bring them to the light and enjoy them.

38 thoughts on “ThursdayDoors: The Music of the Spheres

    1. Willow, I hope Jan will forgive me, but you may want to check out my latest post. It’s all about getting rid of those feelings.
      Feel free to delete this comment, Jan!

  1. Hi Jan,

    The children look like you. Yes, that is a very nice piece of art by your friend. It would make a nice book cover. Thanks. Duke

  2. A wonderful take on the challenge. I like how little man looks so sure of himself in regards to that door. Plus a photo of palm trees makes me sigh. We don’t have them around here, but I do love them. Oh yes I do.

  3. Love the print and glad you get to see it every day. I had a young man who liked to lock doors. We spent a couple of years trying to get doors open. Then he grew up. 🙂 Pretty young lady, and, yes, those teenage years are different.

  4. I always laugh at the door-slamming kids — they’re like door-open cats! They’re not unknown and they’re persistent. The kids, though, they outgrow it.
    The art is interesting, both in aesthetic and in meaning.

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