Book One is Done! – #1LinerWeds — No Facilities

The amazing Dan Antion has just published the first of his Dreamer’s Alliance Series. Dan is the curator of the #ThursdayDoors event and just an all around good guy. Intriguing cover, don’t you think? I’m dying to read his book and figure out what it means!

Normally, my one-liners come with a lead-in, a backstory. Often those are far more than one line. Today it’s different – one-liner first, then the rest of the story. “Knuckleheads” is available for purchase on Amazon! The copyright doesn’t appear on the cover, but I ‘m too tired to remove it from the photo. “Knuckleheads” […]

Book One is Done! – #1LinerWeds — No Facilities

3 thoughts on “Book One is Done! – #1LinerWeds — No Facilities

  1. Jan, I read it and the cover makes perfect sense. Now, I am anxious for the next two books to be published. I think this one sort of established a background for things to come. Interesting format, but very, very compelling read.

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