Who’s your favorite?

The cherry pickers are gone, the mural has been signed off and so, that’s all folks…

The Library Mural, Orinda California

What do you think? To me it looks undone but I do like the details.

Harold the Hummingbird
Lionel Lizard or Brutus Bobcat
Bette Butterfly and Cary Caterpillar
Winnifred the Wren
Ormond the Otter or Felicia Fish
The artist’s signature

Oh the way home I took this arty shot (well, at least for me!)

Any guesses as to what it is?

24 thoughts on “Who’s your favorite?

      1. Oh, I figured that out, but, blech. It’s like stapling a floor plan to the front door of your house. “You are here”. No shit.

  1. I think the arty shot is the underside of a stairway, maybe one in a public transportation place or someplace similar. I’m not sure how I feel about the grey space but I though it was the country/county/?? where the birds and animals were found. Part of it reminds me of a topo map. Perhaps a diaphanous butterfly over it would have been more inviting but on the whole, I really like the entire feel of the mural.


    1. You’re absolutely right about my arty shot: beneath the freeway and BART station. The gray shape is supposed to show both the shape of the town and the network of streams that runs through the town.

  2. I am of a mind to like anything right now. Liking puts off disliking, love puts off hate. That is all that is important and unfortunately most of us are in-between, the fate of humans lost unto ourselves and without a great deal of hope. Love. Duke

    1. I forgot to add, “the cherry pickers are gone” is in a song that needs to be written. Duke

  3. Wonderful mural. I love it! Wish our state would do one. As for my favorite, tough call but I think I have to go with the otter. They’re so much fun to watch.

  4. I was guessing stairway and saw from comments it was!
    Ink dwell did a fine job and it does look a little undone
    But that is also part of the arid nature vibe
    Enjoyed you series of posts with this mural

  5. Love it! The undone look is probably an artists statement.
    The unfinished looking area resembles 1 or 2 of the states.
    Hard to pick a fave animal, but the humming bird is pretty great.Thank you for this, JT!

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