#ThursdayDoors: Bee Heaven

“Door” to picnic area for the employees of a large business complex

Looks like a lovely spot for an alfresco lunch doesn’t it? That’s what I thought while waiting for a friend but guess what? Wisteria in bloom attracts the nastiest, most aggressive bees I’ve ever come across.

Yes beautiful but I soon got chased away by a bee the size of a hummingbird. I swear!
The wisteria in my backyard are a bit fluffier I think, don’t you?
The door to fun!

And finally a real door!

I spent many happy hours behind these doors learning how to sculpt: heads, busts and full figures. Sadly my instructor passed away and the class is no longer offered.

Check out other doors on Dan Anton’s planet – prepared to be amazed.

One of my first heads – he’s now a body-less garden gnome, poor dear!

18 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Bee Heaven

  1. You have some beautiful wisteria in you back yard, Jan! I love the tile work above the door. So sorry about your instructor, but it looks like you sculptor lives on. Really well done!

  2. My wisteria has never fully recovered from the drunk driver (the trunk is damaged and starting to rot 😦 ) We don’t get honey bees but we get plenty of large noisy bumble bees!

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