Willful Avoidance

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Edited by Cynthia White
Cover art by Melody Paris

About the title: Willful avoidance is a term in the lexicon of the taxman which refers to the refusal of a spouse to obtain knowledge which he or she needs in order to competently cosign income tax returns.



Inspired by a true story. . . Maya Bethany awakes as though from a seventeen year coma to find herself in bed with a stranger.  Too late she realizes the man she married is on a course which will ruin not only her life but those of her children as well unless she does something.  But what and how and who will help her?  Certainly not the flirtatious millionaire she works for nor the jaded lawyer who urges her again and again to compromise with the taxman. No, they only complicate her life at a time when she’s just trying to survive. There will be no white knights to save her. She has to do it herself.

JT Twissel spent fourteen years fighting the franchise tax board, ultimately appealing to the highest tax court in the state of California, the Board of Equalization. The charge against her, willful avoidance.

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